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Jubal's Maps Pack Is Back!

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I finally got round to updating some of my better scenarios so they work with Alpha 13: From the Mountains to the Sea, Barcania, Colonia, Nova Isla, and Epidaurum are now all updated to use the new factions, and can be downloaded either as a bundle or individual scenarios here:


A run-down of the scenarios included:

- From the Mountains to the Sea is Multiplayer only (needs naval units), Athenians start on an island, Gauls in the mountains, fertile resource-heavy indefensible shoreline to scrap over. It's good fun, particularly when you find all the smaller mountain passes.

- Barcania is the only map of mine that ever got bundled with the main game, it's an island, the updated Barcania II has changed it from Hele/Hele/Celt to Cart/Athe/Brits scrapping over it. Lots of terrain, coves, hidden bays, peninsulas, and so on to fight over.

- Colonia is set on the shores of Iberia, Carthage VS Celts VS Iberians, the former on the seashore, the latter two in the mountains, with a deep river valley through the middle of the map.

- Nova Isla is a rugged island with Athenians at one end and Gauls at the other on plains areas with mountains that contain the metal and stone in the middle.

- Epidaurum is based on the modern coastline of Cavtat in Croatia, Macedon VS Athenians VS Spartans in three small villages around two coves on the Iberian coastline.

These five are the only ones I've updated for Maghada, but I might make a couple more if there's interest; I don't think I really have time to get back to AI-making at the moment, sadly, fun as that was. :/

Anyhow, hope someone at least decides to download and enjoy them! :)

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Thanks guys - made a new scenario as well which I'm just tweaking & testing at the moment...

@Pureon: thanks, do let me know what you think :)

@Feneur: yeah, all's going well, just finished my first year at Cambridge which has been great but has radically reduced my levels of free time. All seems to be going well so far though, exam results good etc. I'm getting to the end of a couple of big projects of mine atm, so I might well try and hang around here a bit more over summer and at least make some scenarios even if I don't have time to do any real work!

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Yeah, admittedly they're not very AI friendly, though some and some starting positions work better than others. And also the AI will hopefully catch up on pathfinding etc at some point...

I can announce that the new map is to be entitled "Himalaya", and will hopefully be released soon :)

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