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What's so great about Starcraft 2?

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StarCraft is an APM and Build Order game. That is all you need to know. Brood War players refer to keeping every barracks type building 1 unit and 1 unit only all the time as macro. Its honestly ridiculous.

Personally I feel that strategy games should be about intellectual capacity and not finger speed. Arcade-RTS is one of many good names for the kind of game SC is.

I also prefer strategy games wich require intellectual capacity and not finger speed. Though I don't mind a bit speed.

I was going to say I prefer chess-like games. But when I thought about it chess is basicly about memorizing what a move is and how you counter it. A extreme rock paper scissor type of game. (I don't mind rock paper scissors, as long as it is not that extreme)

In one of my posts I compared Starcraft to ping-pong (you need to be fast), I would now say it is some sort of speed chess.

The board game that comes closest to what I personally like would be Risk I think. This is more about making good decisions (chess is too, but different). I don't think there are counters in Risk, it's all about evaluating: What does player x want? Should I take that or this? Is this worth the risk? etc.

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The best thing about SC was all the awesome custom maps. Way more interesting than normal SC.

I would like to note that Chess is perhaps the only board game that people make careers of playing and that is because of its social status rather than its innate quality as a game. Playing Chess doesn't make you good at anything but playing Chess.

The empire of Chess is based on its historical and social status as the game of the noble and later upper classes.

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You are forgetting Go in Japan it has been a professional game for over 200 years,very simple game Go only 5 rules ;)

Enjoy the Choice :)

When I searched chess and starcraft, I indeed found the game Go.

I think Go is also played competively by Koreans on computers. Or something like it.

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Go is one of those games that is very hard to computerize there is no version that can beat a professional human yet as it depends on pattern recognition on a deep level I have been playing for over 40 yrs and still consider myself a duffer.The game originates in the same area and time period as chess but migrated east not west have look at the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game).

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StarCraft Six levels of AI script difficulty have been crafted for StarCraft II—very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard and insane. The Insane AI mode is the only one which "cheats". An Insane AI's workers will gain 40% more income than normal workers. For example, normal workers will gather 5 mineral in each trip. An Insane AI worker will receive 7 minerals for each trip rather than 5. This is also true with the MULE and with vespene gas. With this increased income an Insane AI will be able to stay in one base play for an extensive amount of time.

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