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===[TASK]=== Auroch


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The alpha channel of the texture could be used for color. Similar to the how horses are done. It is the same concept as player color.

This allows you to "color" the Auroch brown/tan/black randomly in the actor xml file using a single texture. If you are interested in that, check out the horse textures as an example of how that is done.

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Thanks for the color variation suggestion Wijitmaker , I thought about multitexture before, but this way is efficient too (it's not player color, but object color).

So I kept those colours variations for the male auroch :

  <variant name="chocolate">
    <colour>98 83 78</colour>
  <variant name="roan">
    <colour>242 219 164</colour>
  <variant name="liver">
  <colour>172 117 98</colour>

It's quite subtle once in game (compared to cow which are only brown at this time)


How the textures look like :


I also encoutered a seam problem with the UVs, but since I feel to lazy to unwrap it again :ph34r:, I googled and found this awesome technique : http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/1800/completely_eliminate_texture_seams_.php


PS: I just find the tail a bit too thick, even seen from top view, but it's not significant.

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