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[New Map] Black Isle


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This map doesn't have any historical background, it's just a fictional setting in which Macedonians oppose the Gauls.

Although it is certainly possible to fight out this conflict on the land, it is preferable to do so by sea (when the navire system has been improved), there are several interesting locations that can only be reached by ship.

Some info about the map:

Macedonians at the top, Gauls at the bottom, the black isle in the middle.

-The Black Isle: An island, rich in metal, but heavily protected.

-A fishing village: contains some resources

-A wreckage: even though on the mainland, cliffs make it impossible to reach by foot

-A hideout: some viking village on the seaside of high snowy mountain peaks, can be reached only by boat

Top screenshot:


The map isn't balanced yet and there is a lot of little things to tweak, but I'm out of inspiration. If someone could take a look at it and give me some hints I would be very grateful.

Attached Map (v2 - 28 dec 2012)

Black Isle.7z

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Thanks for your comments.

@Pureon: could you specify which textures, I already corrected some inconsistencies over biotope borders (mountains <-> temperate), replaced the rougher ones in the mediterranian part of the map and made the river banks smoother.

Updated the attachment in the first post, download the second version of the map there.

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That was the purpose, there is only a small stroke of land on which you can expand, with lots of open space for naval invasions, so it should be hard to defend your whole coast well (with a better naval system of course xD, I tested this map with my sister earlier today. It took me 20 rams, 2 catapults, a lot of spearmen and 5 boats to take over the island (it was, frankly, more difficult than defeating my sister...) Our boats got stuck everywhere (not on the coast or on rocks, no, they got stuck on each other) so naval warfare was a real pain in the ***, buildings floated quite a lot on the uneven terrain. We each had three CC each.

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It's more like a battle against Gaia than against your opponent. The island is very tough to reach. I did it with 3 boats, 5 catapults, 6 rams and some people in a siege tower to collect the treasures so the rams can reach the walls. But next to the island, there are also a lot of dangerous animals (and my spearmen seem to always miss them)

If I'd play it again, I think I would just avoid the island.

It's a great map, but it would be interesting if you could make "taking the island" obligatory. Unfortunately, the moment you place something there from one of the players, it gets attacked by Gaia.

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