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Music playlist by Ludo38

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Hi folks!

I'd like to share here some music I love, that fit the spirit of 0 A.D. :

Damask Rose, by Vangelis : (makes me feel in the Mauryan Empire :) )

and last but not least ! :

RAKIM, by Dead Can Dance : (in my top 5 this year. The rhythm at the start and the voice of Lisa Gerrard give me goose bumps !!! )

Heat Dream, by Marco Beltrami from Flight of the Phoenix soundtrack

(no Youtube of this track, unfortunately, but a page on the sdk, with a sample to listen to)

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Two more songs that will make you travel in time and space :)

Procession to the Centre of the Pyramid, by Phil Thornton :

medley The Travel + The Spirit of Plants, in Blueberry soundtrack :

(the first half, "The Travel", is a great epic nature track. The second is more western and religious but gorgeous too, though not "Ancient-like")

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