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O! i just figured out people get reputation if vote up their post by clicking the arrow next to the 0(i said zero because so far thats wat every1 has as far as i know)

over on the lower right side of the post(it needs to be made more obvious)

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Having registered on this forum last week I was under the impression this arrow button meant 'back to top' ;) When clicked it turns out I gave someone a very random thumbs up :D Perhaps the icon could be changed to a star or a plus, or an upward hand/thumbs up? That is, if you would like to keep it.

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The reputation was added stealthily a while back. Nobody seems to use it very much though. The idea to to remove the need for "I agree" posts. I'm not convinced ti does this at all though.

If its a thumb up icon, people will surely use it

arrow up usually used for return to top of page

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I think it's just like it was at the time of the post. At least it seemed, last time i tried rating someone. I really don't see why it is called "reputation", I'd call it popularity or reliability. Also i don't get why it is shown in the user page, it feels silly to show how many "I strongly agree" one gets and it doesn't necessarily mean the person is reliable, anyways.

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