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My feedback on Alpha 7


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Hello everyone,

I have just tested cc_julian's Alpha 7 Mac binary, and as always the game is looking pretty darn good for an Alpha. The Carthaginians are a powerful new faction, especially the war elephants and quinquiremes. Not sure that territories add that much to the game at this point in time, but they give a pleasant sense of cohesion to the game, i.e. it is nice to have national borders. I guess it also makes the Civic Centre a pretty key building to attack/defend.

Performance-wise the game seems to be running better than before: I didn't even bother switching to the higher powered graphics card on my MacBook Pro, and the game runs OK at 1920x1200 resolution with water reflections turned off (didn't try silly numbers of units though).

Something that would make this feel more like a proper RTS would be the addition of technologies. I hope these will be added to the game soon, as I feel this would add a sense of purpose to the gameplay. The lack of progression in the game is what is keeping me from playing it more often. I understand that it is a work in progress though and I am very impressed with what has been achieved so far.

I may well play some more and add to this post if I find other things to report on.

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I've personally noticed lag once ~250 units are on the map (random map, Latium). That rules out epic, large scale battles - and that's on my shiny new quad core!

Well currently 0ad doesn't take advantage of multiple processors very well. It will only use one core for most of the work. So actually just having one processor that has a large clock speed might give better performance.

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