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New Feature In Alpha 6 Fortuna?


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I gotta say I was quite happy and surprised when I saw update manager list 0 A.D. :D

Okay to the point, can you please explain how the stances work? I would love to figure it out in-game. But battles take too much time to just run one for testing on my end. I tried looking at the wiki, but didn't see anything that stands out explaining stance feature. Also, where these the only big changes made?

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"Fortuna", huh? Pretty good name, though I realize you didn't ask the community this time.:P

(We didn't really get any suggestions from the community until after we'd already decided :P Better start giving your suggestions early next time ;) We do after all ask for them already in the release announcement for the previous alpha :rolleyes: )

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Cool :P Must have forgotten about that, but perhaps it lurked in our subconscious, so take pride ;)

Yeah, sorry ribez, we honestly forgot. =\ My apologies for ruling it out like that.

B) no problem...

if you'll hear some voices during your sleep, it's my spirit that is inspiring you :P

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