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Civ: Macedonians (Macedones, Seleucids, Ptolemies)


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Hello eveybody,

I'm a recent new member and am discovering things step by step. What do you mean by part1 and part 2 ? Does it relate to Alpha and Beta, or something else ?..

About the wonder of Macedonians : if we end up choosing the Lighthouse, the map will always need a seashore to place the lighthouse with sense then we will need a Night time to see it in its real glory, bringing light to the night sailors ! (which would surely look extremely cool...)

But yet, like Oshron, I think the Library is indeed another interesting choice too for the Macedonian wonder. This building is as legendary as the Lighthouse, and its burning is as famous as the submersion of Atlantis ! ;) To rebuild the Library (wonder or not), the movie "Agora" might be a very useful reference :


first and foremost, i'd like to thank you for supporting my idea ;)

second, "Part 1" means the first "final" setup, which is what everyone's focusing on right now. the focus of Part 1 is civilizations which existed between 500 and 1 BC, such as the pre-imperial Romans, Achaemenid dynasty of the Persian Empire, Alexander's Macedonian Empire, and Hannibal's Carthage; Part 2, in contrast, would focus on civilizations that existed from 1 to 500 AD, such as the entire Roman Empire (with the Western and Eastern/Byzantine empires being treated as separate civilizations) along with successors to a few of the civs from Part 1 (such as a later Persian dynasty) and barbarian tribes like the Huns

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2. Descriptions of Cataphract equipment and tactics

One of the most thorough descriptions of Cataphracts from ancient writers comes from the Aethiopica of Heliodorus of Emesa, who lived in the 3rd century AD. Interestingly, the Aethiopica is not an actual historical account, but a romance story that sets in Ethiopia. Nonethless, it is apparent that Heliodorus incorporated military elements of his current time into the story, most notably Cataphracts, on which he had a lot to say.

According to Heliodorus, Cataphract riders were men of impressive size and physique. The riders wore helmets, neck armor, and metal masks that left only their eyes unprotected. Armor of overlapping metal plates protected the rider from neck to knee, but not for his thighs, which were left unarmored for better control of the horses. The metal plates were designed to allow the rider maximum body movement while providing protection. The horse was also similarly armored, probably to guard it against arrows. The head and legs of the horse are described as completely armored and a coat of mail was hanged from the back of the horse. Notably, the belly was one of the areas that were not armored. For weapons, Cataphract riders carried a long spear (kontus) and often charged at the enemy holding the spear horizontal. The shear momentum of the rider and horse was described as capable of driving the spear through two men (Plutarch, Crassus). Besides the spear, riders also carried hand-to-hand side arms such as swords and bows.

Similar description of the Cataphract also appears in descriptions of other authors, such as Sallust (86-34 BC), who wrote “equites cataphracti, ferrea omni specie” (Cataphract horsemen, iron in the whole appearance), and Ammianus Marcellinus (c. 350 AD), who wrote: “Laminarum circuli tenues apti corporis flexibus ambiebant per omnia membra diducti.” (Thin circles of iron plates, fitted to the curves of their bodies, completely covered their limbs).

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This time I do a Seleucid symbol, and I don't committed the same mistake that I do with Ptolemies, and several months ago, I do Seleucid symbol.

And even is not based in a single coin or symbol, I make my own Seleucid Symbol. In Illustrator and Photoshop.



Make it change if you want. Is yours.

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Re: Ptolemaic Egypt - units roster

I suggest to improve a few things and it will be fine:

- Remove makeup. This makeup painted by the members of the court of Pharaoh, and a few hundred years earlier. Even in the times of the Pharaohs soldiers didn't have this makeup, so in the later Hellenistic times, too.

- Add more variety of hats, including a couple of helmets. They can wear helmets, as they have Macedonian shields. Add to diversity, because this white hat gives the impression of uniformity.

- Instead of makeup, you can spice up faces with beards and long hair. You don't need to do make-up faces were different.

total war center


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