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rules are nothing stupid k it will start like this. choose a side(subdivision) and just fight with words ill be the judge of who wins the fights. or one of the guys like Mythos Ruler or purple people eater can if they want too.

Helots and Spartans march to the docks for the invasion of Troy. Many other Greeks are there too including the Myrmidons. They get on their ships and sail till they are a couple hundred yards away from the beach.

I choose (Myrmidons)

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okay well you cant be unfair and say something like ex scissors beats rock and umm well horses beat hoplites you know just be realistic you are not inclined to be historically accurate and well first person to start the game gets to name the place(also the winner get to choose next game) umm ill show you a example on this forum game im on and well anyone can join at any time. this thing could last a week and it would still be cool with me no arguing if you do ill though let me or any of the game dudes say wether you win or lose that round umm yuo can stop at any time also and mainly just have fun k. and you can do any formation or tactic you want. oh and if you win a battle you can advance on the losers country a bit closer not that anyone is a loser and if youd like to give some facts on the place so we are accurate when fighting that would be nice.

hope you have fun Enjoy

restarting game- greece- i choose Myrmidons

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Well, I suppose I am the Trojans :) , so I've got a good plan to kick some butt.

1. Send the allied Amazons over to the Greek lines and allow them to be captured. Once the Greeks are seduced :blush: , the Amazons will set fire to the Greek ships and cause havoc in the Greek camp.

2. Put an army together of allied and trojan troops, send them out the rear to an allied city, where provisions will be prepared and the army will be sent to invade the Greek mainland.

3. Meanwhile, engage in stalling tactics with the Greek forces. Skirmish a bit, feign peace talks, drag out talks, reopen hostilities, skirmish a bit, feign peace talks, etc.

Within time, the Greeks will obviously be trapped without a fleet, and low on supplies, so they will be really gullible to any offers of peace. "Here's Paris and Hellen guys! You can have them if you leave! Oh wait, nevermind! We hate Greeks! No wait! We changed our minds! Take them, Paris is a coward anyway." etc. etc. :bag:

Whether or not the burning of the ships works, the Greeks will have to retreat to their homeland to defend it. Without their ships, they would have to take a long trek across land, making it a perfect time to strike their forces. If the invasion of the greek homeland fails, then the Greeks will eventually have to surrender as they become low on supplies (the ships being burnt, that is).

If both one AND two fail, then we could always call in the Hittite empire, who would be glad to rid us of the barbaric Greeks if it meant taking our wealthy city under their wing. Though that's last resort. :P

As for the troops under my command, stay behind the walls for now, except for those sent on skirmishing missions. Oh, and avoid that guy named Achilles. Don't make him mad, or he might actually help the Greeks! We should keep him divided from the Greeks. Perhaps saving his ship from being burnt might be a nice farewell gift.




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(Amazon spokesperson) "We are the Amazons. Traditional enemies of the Man-Greeks, who in the past have plundered our reclusive uni-sex villages on the Black Sea to the North. We recently allied ourselves with the Trojans, in hopes for revenge, but the one of the Trojan princes has dishonored our head priestess by sleeping with her daughters. So, we wish to put aside our past differences and join the much more manly Greeks (some of the Amazons wink) in their fight against the Trojans, now a common enemy."

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:) can i join as the hitite empire

my satrap a war betwen troy and a coalition of greek states as begun

uhm lets watch closely by and when the time comes perhaps we can take advantage

....2 hours later, my satrap one of you most loyal generals as rebeled and it`s outside the gates!!!!!!!

call the garrison

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(Resident Trojan diplomat to King of Hittites) "Your majesty! Troy supports you fully against this treacherous rebellion! We can not supply troops or supplies, as my home city is under siege, but we can provide you with information: I received word from my home capital that the Greeks fear your all-powerful intervention! After all, what is a coalition of squabbling city-states against a powerful empire? It is not unlike the Greeks to use such underhanded methods (ahem, fermenting rebellion) against far more noble and powerful foes, such as yourself."

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Okay men. Prepare the defense of Troy. You Trojans there, prepare the city's defenses. Set up large water barrels along the city walls and keep them constantly under surveillance. Others, place stakes and other barriers surrounding the city walls to slow down any Greek assault on the city. Trenches might come in handy as well. Trojan citizens, I am starting a ration, for obvious reasons. We don't know how long this war might last.

Dardanians, under Aeneas and Archelochus. I admire your seamanship. Please lead your troops north towards the land of the Mysians. Their leaders and soldiers shall accompany you. Your goal will be to create a fleet and launch with necessary supplies within a few months. I will send more orders when you have completed your task, or when you are needed elsewhere.

Administrators, send any diplomats on hand to Egypt, Italy, and northern Greece. See if we can conjure up any sympathy. We could especially use grain from Egypt if we are going to survive this siege.

Finally, sent out some Trojan scouts. It'll be good to know the enemy before this battle begins.

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