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"Ancient Warfare" Magazine Raffle Signups

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WILDFIRE GAMES is proud to announce that we have partnered with the editors of "Ancient Warfare" Magazine (http://www.ancient-warfare.com/cms/) in order to bring the valued members of our forums a treat. Starting Saturday, November 3rd, Wildfire Games will begin taking applications for a FREE raffle drawing vying for one of 5 FREE yearlong subscriptions to "Ancient Warfare" Magazine. The only criteria are the following: You must be a member of the Wildfire Games Community (a member of the forums) and must be aged 18 or older (for legal reasons). Wildfire Games staff members and their next of kin are automatically disqualified.

All that is required is that you post here in this thread your name and age. Please, start a new thread if you wish to discuss the raffle further. This thread is for RAFFLE SIGNUPS ONLY.

Winners will be chosen randomly from all those who sign up in this thread only in two weeks. Winners will be notified via e-mail and forum Private Message, as well as announced on the forums and 0 A.D. Website. It is then when shipping information will be gathered from the winners (do not post your address here in this thread).

Thanks a bunch guys! And Good luck!

About "Ancient Warfare" Magazine: It is a bi-monthly publication, originating from The Netherlands, EU. Most U.S. and Australian subscribers receive their copy of the magazine at the end of every other month. European subscribers receive theirs about a week sooner. The focus of the magazine is the ancient warfare of the western world (Rome, Greece, the Celts, et al). In the future some issues will have themes focusing on the near east and other areas of ancient combat. The articles are well-researched and better yet, very accessible and easy to read! The artwork by Johnny Shumate and others is top notch, with some of the best reconstruction artwork I have ever seen. View some quick snapshots of the magazine below:




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Signup, too. I have some interest in medieval times, being a norman knight at times. (y)

I'm also making a medieval city building game (called Villages and Cities).

So I would be happy to win this subscription...

and I'm waiting for the first playable version of 0AD as well!

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