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Why does Sparta have a theater


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36 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

When I read about Tarentum I don't know if a beefed up fortress represents it better than a military colony or maybe even something like a Cranogion.

And I would not disagree with you.  In fact first, I would stress that the fortress replacement would be a cheaper and weaker structure.  Second, this is not an attempt to model Spartan colonisation.  The point I was drawing with Tarentum is that Sparta did not have much anything to do with it.  Exchange between colony and home city generally required two things: ship routes (of which Sparta had none of) and commercial activity (of which Sparta also did not practise).  In this sense constructing additional Civic Centres does not model Spartan expansion too well.  Instead this is to represent the garrisons Sparta installed in cities, mirroring the way that Sparta following the Peloponnesian War propped up numerous pro-Spartan oligarchies.  Again this is why it could perhaps be buildable in allied territory. 

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7 hours ago, Gurken Khan said:

Your first picture looks like a horse race thingy, which probably wouldn't be fitting for Sparta. Did they have a foot race thingy like in your 2nd pic? Maybe we could do something with that. (Heroes, tecs to improve inf speed...)

The dromos is a running racetrack.

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