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goldafternoonfix moderation concern


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I actually quit because of Norse_Harold aka CaptainBlueSkys "moderation".  I was goldafternoonfix then cosmicnub and we played many games together. I changed my name and began avoiding his hosting after several alt-right leaning scoldings by his buddies & port scans during the same time-frame. By buddies y'all know what I'm talking about. They don't speak much in lobby, arrive as if on schedule, join his hosting and are placed on his team by him. Seems he's communicating with these people outside of 0ad and inviting to play.
After being muted in lobby I skimmed this forum and noticed that you guys lost a couple of long time good players recently. ( This will continue )
Just for the record (nobody cares, I know) all you devs years of work went poof for a would have been life long player.  It's not my opinion, it's fact. Y'all @#$%ed up giving god knows who else power over your network. Your engine dev probably infiltrated as well.
The only reason I wasted my time writing this is because it was such a awesome game and I will miss it. ( I can help myself, I have standards, self respect) I hope someone higher up looks into my suspect and says "hey... yeah, wait!"
then I can install and play 0ad again. Now it's malware to me.
So long dumbasses XOXOXO

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23 hours ago, poopooman said:

I actually quit because of Norse_Harold aka CaptainBlueSkys "moderation".

I'm not CaptainBlueSky, so I don't know where you got this. Maybe he was an old moderator? I was added as a lobby helper around September 18, 2022. If you were muted or banned before that then it wasn't by me. Anyway, the appeal process for any lobby punishment is explained in the FAQ. It's not allowed to do the appeal process publicly, so subsequent messages need to be forum PMs or IRC chat messages with lobby moderators such as Stan or Dunedan.

Here are relevant lobby chat messages that might shed some light on what poopooman is talking about. As you can see, his claims that he didn't get help and that he never used profanity in the lobby are both invalid.

The following contains profanity, pejoratives, and lewd subjects. Viewer discretion is advised. The time zone used for dates is UTC.

2023-02-06 16:44:12 poopoomaximus: can i say rhe n word]

2023-05-09 20:21:09 poopooman: help
2023-05-09 20:21:24 poopooman: I havn't been able to play in almost a year 
2023-05-09 20:21:38 poopooman: "loading map data, please wait..."
2023-05-09 20:21:58 poopooman: can only alt+f4 to get out of that
2023-05-09 20:22:18 poopooman: anyone?
2023-05-09 20:23:09 poopooman: what happened to user1?
2023-05-09 20:23:13 poopooman: help!!!!
2023-05-09 20:23:59 poopooman: well fack it. I'll try back in another year I guess
2023-05-09 20:28:14 PleaseBanMeNow: ban me
2023-05-09 20:30:55 PleaseBanMeNow: defc0n
2023-05-09 20:30:57 PleaseBanMeNow: ban me
2023-05-09 20:31:02 defc0n: ?
2023-05-09 20:31:39 PleaseBanMeNow: пожалуйста
2023-05-09 20:32:18 PleaseBanMeNow: defc0n забань меня пожалуйста
2023-05-09 20:32:55 PleaseBanMeNow: sad you don't have ban authorisation
2023-05-09 20:32:56 PleaseBanMeNow: good night
2023-05-09 20:44:41 poopooman: anyone here help with 0ad problems?
2023-05-09 20:45:07 Basiliskos: poopooman what problem
2023-05-09 20:45:49 poopooman: i try to join game it says "loading map data, please wait..." and i can only alt+f4 to get out of that
2023-05-09 20:46:17 poopooman: havnt been able to play in almost a year, same thing since new computer
2023-05-09 20:46:27 Basiliskos: Norse_Harold
2023-05-09 20:46:44 Norse_Harold: what?
2023-05-09 20:46:53 Basiliskos: poopooman need help
2023-05-09 20:47:12 Norse_Harold: poopooman, there is a fix for that, which I'll explain if you change your name
2023-05-09 20:47:22 poopooman: ok
2023-05-09 20:47:24 Norse_Harold: use a name that isn't offensive
2023-05-09 20:47:35 poopooman: thats not gonna fix it
2023-05-09 20:47:51 poopooman: been doing this for a year
2023-05-09 20:48:53 Norse_Harold: I know it won't fix it
2023-05-09 20:49:16 Norse_Harold: change your name and I'll explain HOW to fix it
2023-05-09 20:49:32 poopooman: does anyone else have this problem? I've tried everything
2023-05-09 20:50:04 poopooman: no nevermind, not giving in to some authoratarian @#$%, thanks for nothing
2023-05-09 20:50:18 poopooman: if anyone can help please say
2023-05-09 20:50:28 Basiliskos: poopooman he is joking 
2023-05-09 20:50:50 Basiliskos: Have you tried uninstalling and installing?
2023-05-09 20:50:52 Basiliskos: poopooman
2023-05-09 20:51:48 poopooman: im only running od with all outgoing udp allowed
2023-05-09 20:51:59 Tartalo123: download last version of 0AD
2023-05-09 20:52:18 Norse_Harold: poopooman, you don't have a choice about your name. It's the rules.
2023-05-09 20:52:37 Norse_Harold: talk to me on IRC for a solution to the problem with the game freezing when you try to start a match
2023-05-09 20:52:49 poopooman: Norse_Harlod i don't care cus i can;t even play 
2023-05-09 20:52:53 Tartalo123: join my game and lets see poopoo
2023-05-09 20:52:54 Norse_Harold: you will play
2023-05-09 20:52:56 Norse_Harold: once I help you fix the bug
2023-05-09 20:53:08 Norse_Harold: to join IRC visit https://play0ad.com
2023-05-09 20:53:09 poopooman: no nevermind Norse
2023-05-09 20:53:12 Norse_Harold: and click on "IRC Channel" at the top right
2023-05-09 20:53:20 Norse_Harold: what do you mean nevermind? it's an easy fix
2023-05-09 20:53:24 Norse_Harold: and changing your name is easy
2023-05-09 20:53:30 poopooman: i'll just play something else though i loved this game
2023-05-09 20:53:36 Norse_Harold: what's your old name?
2023-05-09 20:53:54 poopooman: this is just a quick test account, poopooman didnt take 20 hours to think up
2023-05-09 20:54:26 poopooman: so i just want it to work or i bounce for another year or until a new ver comes out to test
2023-05-09 20:54:41 Norse_Harold: the problem is with your configuration, not the game
2023-05-09 20:54:45 Norse_Harold: the matchsettings.json file
2023-05-09 20:55:03 poopooman: i havnt edited anything
2023-05-09 20:55:08 poopooman: its all default
2023-05-09 20:55:22 Tartalo123: https://play0ad.com/community/support/
2023-05-09 20:55:34 Norse_Harold: when you play the game you're editing the settings
2023-05-09 20:55:42 Norse_Harold: they don't get reset to defaults when you reinstall the game
2023-05-09 20:55:42 Umbritu: too much talk poopooman , for ppl who wanna help
2023-05-09 20:55:51 poopooman: its all "google captcha" crap to use forum
2023-05-09 20:55:59 Norse_Harold: poopooman,  read this:
https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/98828-bug-hero garrisoned-option-in-the-match-settings/#comment-530894
2023-05-11 18:15:32 jimo: [GenieBot], test779871928379123 is having some issues regarding his identity
2023-05-11 18:16:02 test779871928379123: oinly issue is can the person who muted me stop being a coward and explain?
2023-05-11 18:16:02 [GenieBot]: test779871928379123, Seems like you have an issue do you need any help?
2023-05-11 18:16:06 jimo: test779871928379123, I just summoned Norse_Harold for you
2023-05-11 18:16:24 test779871928379123: jimo thats the last thing i needed lol
2023-05-11 18:16:37 jimo: come on, he is a nice guy
2023-05-11 18:16:43 test779871928379123: so Norse is a mod or admin?
2023-05-11 18:16:49 jimo: he will come to right conclusion
2023-05-11 18:17:07 jimo: mr Norse_Harold, care to unmute mr poopooman
2023-05-11 18:17:08 test779871928379123: he told me yesterday change name to get help
2023-05-11 18:17:09 jimo: ?
2023-05-11 18:17:19 Norse_Harold: lul, jimo is joking about summoning me. It's a coincidence that I joined
2023-05-11 18:17:25 test779871928379123: i refused, then i get a mystery mute
2023-05-11 18:17:30 test779871928379123: today
2023-05-11 18:17:36 Norse_Harold: talk to me on IRC about it
2023-05-11 18:17:49 Norse_Harold: visit https://www.play0ad.com and click "IRC Channel" at the top right
2023-05-11 18:18:31 jimo: see test779871928379123, I just got an appointment for you with Norse_Harold
2023-05-11 18:18:41 jimo: solve your issue and be happy
2023-05-11 18:18:47 test779871928379123: i think i'll just uninstall
2023-05-11 18:19:05 jimo: that solves as well, glad I could help
2023-05-11 18:19:08 Norse_Harold: test779871928379123, you can try to make an appeal about the punishment
2023-05-11 18:19:10 test779871928379123: someone with the power to mute did so without reason
2023-05-11 18:19:19 Norse_Harold: an appeal would involve talking to user1 or Dunedan instead of me
2023-05-11 18:19:27 Norse_Harold: they're supervisors of sorts
2023-05-11 18:19:33 Norse_Harold: they're also reachable on IRC
2023-05-11 18:19:39 test779871928379123: makes this game seem dangerous to install, no telling what else that coward can/will do
2023-05-11 18:20:06 Norse_Harold: complaining here does nothing. Go to IRC to begin the appeal process
2023-05-11 18:20:08 jimo: I think poopoo is in the 0ad terms of usage
2023-05-11 18:20:12 Norse_Harold: or PM Stan or Dunedan via the forum
2023-05-11 18:20:14 jimo: I will read again
2023-05-11 18:20:24 test779871928379123: who do i appeal to? the coward who muted me won't step up
2023-05-11 18:20:58 test779871928379123: sorry i offend y'all with "poopoo"
2023-05-11 18:21:07 Norse_Harold: coward is a pejorative. Don't use that word, please
2023-05-11 18:21:09 test779871928379123: after 6 years i'm out
2023-05-11 18:21:16 Norse_Harold: you appeal to Stan or Dunedan
2023-05-11 18:21:22 test779871928379123: dont worry Norse im done
2023-05-11 18:21:27 Norse_Harold: neither of them was the one who muted you
2023-05-11 18:21:31 test779871928379123: this is bs
2023-05-11 18:21:44 Norse_Harold: you're committing virtual seppuku because you can't use the name poopoohead?
2023-05-11 18:21:48 Norse_Harold: seems like you're a masochist
2023-05-11 18:21:58 jimo: some ppl like poopoo
2023-05-11 18:22:08 test779871928379123: i have no idea what you just said
2023-05-11 18:22:16 test779871928379123: yeah
2023-05-11 18:22:17 Norse_Harold: dictionary.com has definitions of those words
2023-05-11 18:22:22 test779871928379123: poopoo is cool
2023-05-11 18:22:28 Norse_Harold: what's your original name, test779871928379123?
2023-05-11 18:22:36 test779871928379123: i'm not saying
2023-05-11 18:22:37 Norse_Harold: been playing for 6 years, surely we would recognize one of your older names
2023-05-11 18:22:52 test779871928379123: yes we played together many times
2023-05-11 18:23:11 test779871928379123: but this is unacceptable
2023-05-11 18:23:27 Norse_Harold: if you consider it unacceptable then you can engage in the appeal process
2023-05-11 18:23:52 test779871928379123: nah this game is for conformed biiches, i was goldafternoon btw
2023-05-11 18:24:00 test779871928379123: so bye forever
2023-05-11 18:24:07 Norse_Harold: I don't agree with that
2023-05-11 18:24:33 test779871928379123: well disagree and mute me or whatever dont matter now cus im gonna bounce
(he left the lobby. Norse_Harold was already typing the following message and it was sent after he left)
2023-05-11 18:24:43 Norse_Harold: come back soon

2023-05-12 00:01:25 poopoogirl: Norse_Harold your a moderator now?
2023-05-12 00:01:34 helicutie: He is
2023-05-12 00:01:45 poopoogirl: that's who banned me then
2023-05-12 00:01:53 helicutie: Maybe
2023-05-12 00:02:03 poopoogirl: for "poopoo"
2023-05-12 00:02:16 helicutie: Are you logging in via 0ad or external clients?
2023-05-12 00:02:26 poopoogirl: 6 years then i get thrown away like trash for "poopoo"
2023-05-12 00:02:39 helicutie: Are you Trashy?
2023-05-12 00:02:58 poopoogirl: me? trashy?
2023-05-12 00:03:08 helicutie: There's a player called Trashy 
2023-05-12 00:03:15 helicutie: And he got muted by Norse 
2023-05-12 00:03:16 helicutie: Lol
2023-05-12 00:03:18 poopoogirl: no i was goldafternoonfix then BUBS I think
2023-05-12 00:03:24 helicutie: Oh ok
2023-05-12 00:03:38 poopoogirl: i havnt played in almost a year cus tech problems
2023-05-12 00:04:02 poopoogirl: then i came here asking for help and Norse said "change name first"
2023-05-12 00:04:59 poopoogirl: i just wanted to let devs know he's a bad mod, all their work goes poof to at least 1 well behaved long time player because Norse is offended by "poopoo"
2023-05-12 00:05:41 poopoogirl: i can VPN or whatever but the point is 
2023-05-12 00:06:03 poopoogirl: if authoratarian moderation is acceptable then I'm gone
2023-05-12 00:07:09 poopoogirl: I'll just troll and be bad on purpose because 6 years wasted piiiisssses mee off
2023-05-12 00:07:10 helicutie: No
2023-05-12 00:07:12 helicutie: Wait
2023-05-12 00:07:20 helicutie: I can help u with tha
2023-05-12 00:07:23 Palaiologos: Why did you get banned? Why do you want to try and bypass the ban?
2023-05-12 00:07:26 poopoogirl: faaack you Norse_Hairybutt
2023-05-12 00:08:06 poopoogirl: I got banned for the name "poopooman" that's all. I didnt cuss or say anything. only asked for help with a tech problem
2023-05-12 00:08:32 Palaiologos: Sorry poopoogirl, was asking helicutie...
2023-05-12 00:08:33 poopoogirl: Norse_Harold needs to go if 0ad wants to keep decent players around
2023-05-12 00:08:43 Palaiologos: You played as goldafternoonfix and got banned?
2023-05-12 00:08:49 poopoogirl: others said he's a control freak as well
2023-05-12 00:09:00 poopoogirl: not just me, ask around, bad mod
2023-05-12 00:09:50 poopoogirl: Palaiologos no  Ive had a tech problem and made a temp account just to try and fix it
2023-05-12 00:10:15 poopoogirl: Norse_Harold thinks "poopooman" was too bad a name then muted me
2023-05-12 00:10:21 Palaiologos: Did you succeed in getting the tech problems fixed?
2023-05-12 00:10:48 poopoogirl: Palaiologos nope, he said "change name then i get help" i refused
2023-05-12 00:11:22 poopoogirl: anyways im out. just please spread word. I never cussed or did wrong on this game 
2023-05-12 00:12:07 poopoogirl: 0ad losty a decent player because "poopoo" if devs spent years coding for that kinda athoratarian abuse then so be it. bye
2023-05-12 00:12:23 helicutie: No no don't leave 
2023-05-12 00:12:43 poopoogirl: and last fack you again Norse_Harold. fatazz bich control freak. horrible mod.

2023-05-13 04:33:11 profanity in the lobby from a user named BigD*ckN*gger. He mentioned poopoo at one point.

Edited by Norse_Harold
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I joined the forum to complain about Norse_Harlord ( BLOCKED lobby incident)
I was BLOCKED from this forum (no explanation)
When making a new account I discovered that my email service is BLOCKED (still no  explanation)
(I'm using Tor)
Using this account, logging out, reloading page. BLOCKED. yep, shadow banned by cowards pretending to debate me.

With fresh account & 0 forum posts
I PM'd several DEVs, complained about Norse, encouraged them to silently observe.
2 weeks later...
Learned they shared my email (complaint) directly with Norse_Harold, didn't look into him at all,only sided. Top DEVs ignored me, informed him.
I quit 0AD over this.

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On 23/07/2023 at 9:36 PM, uitgezonderd said:

he traces your ip. you tried to log in from the same ip


I use Tor browser for this forum.  Shouldn't leak my real or same ip.  I said who I was from the lobby the first time. Then after he blocked that account ( no reason ) I made a new & communicated to other devs via PM only.   Nothing productive came out of it so I responded here again and was blocked again ( no reason) lol.  The draconian authoritarianism  laughable.

I guess this game needs a new civ. 1 god that purges any conversation that doesn't go his way. AKA a coward civ, (: peace



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On 28/07/2023 at 3:17 PM, Norse_Harold said:

 That evidence will remain sealed in order to protect our investigation capabilities, slow down or prevent Yekaterina's attempts to counter them, as well as to ensure privacy of perpetrators, investigators, and victims.



It's good to know that it's not just me who knows/proved (but purged from forum) 0AD has major social/logic problems ON THE DEV SIDE!
Glad I removed this malware weeks ago (:

I'm sorry for devs/retired and users who put time and energy into this game but this situation looks very grim.

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8 hours ago, bestplayer23 said:

Then after he blocked that account ( no reason ) I made a new & communicated to other devs via PM only.   Nothing productive came out of it so I responded here again and was blocked again ( no reason) lol.

Your request for appeal of moderator action was evaluated seriously, investigated, information supplied to WFG staff, and ultimately found to not describe valid, significant moderator misconduct.

Certain posts of yours were hidden because they were not compliant with the rules, for example contained false statements, contained profanity or pejoratives, or were public appeal of moderator action instead of private.

I have invited you to talk to us on IRC to clear up misconceptions, but you have declined numerous times. Hopefully you will change your mind.

You made notification to the top WFG staff including Stan, Itms, etc., and they DID NOT agree with your assessment of moderator misconduct. Perhaps you have not supplied enough information in order to properly investigate the issue(s) or you have supplied inaccurate information, or you have made assumptions that are incorrect (e.g. "Norse_Harold is CaptainBlueSky"), or you have misinterpreted the rules such as the lobby terms of use. Please check for one or more of these errors, make corrections and approach us again with patience and courtesy.

I guess that the real issue you want help with is the trouble that you described joining games. You said that it was ongoing for months or years. If you can describe the issue in more detail then I'm sure that we can help you resolve it. Please provide a screenshot of the error message. You can attach it to a post or private message. My guess for the cause of the problem is the regicide+hero garrison bug. A workaround is described in ticket 6629.

Please acknowledge this in order to proceed.

Have you read the above [Y/n]?

What is the error message? Please include a screenshot.

What are the steps to reproduce the symptoms?

Have you tried the workaround for the bug described in comment 3 of ticket 6629 [Y/n]?

Have you tried backing up your user.cfg and matchsettings.json and deleting them [Y/n]?

Did backing up your user.cfg and matchsettings.json and deleting them resolve the problem [Y/n]?

What time are you available to talk on IRC? In what time zone do you reside?

Thank you.

Edited by Norse_Harold
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