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Bug - Hero Garrisoned Option in the Match Settings


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After Setting up match settings, particularly after selecting Hero Garrisoned option, the Game runs ok the first time. But after exiting 0AD , when I restart/start the game by clicking game icon, the game loads but when I select matches (0 AD Match Setup 1) the screen hangs (0 AD Match Setup 2).

It happend to Surface Pro 4 and also to my other Desktop PC. I reinstalled the game but same issue, cannot play the game, the game hangs in the screen (0 AD Match Setup 2).

0 AD Match Setup 2.jpg

0 AD Match Setup 1.jpg

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This is a known bug. It should be more widely publicized, I think, for example in the list of Known Issues.

Anyway, check out this thread where the bug was first reported, and a workaround was described.

After applying the workaround, you can install and enable community-mod version 0.26.2 or higher. It can be installed from within the game: click Settings, Mod Options, Download, select community-mod, instal and enable it, then restart the game. Then you should be able to enable Hero Garrison as well as Persist Match Settings, since community-mod contains a bugfix for the Hero Garrison bug, as well as other improvements.

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