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Found 2 results

  1. There has been some discussion about implementing attack ground, and I think we should go ahead and decide if this should be implemented for A26. I have no idea about the implementation process. Currently there seems to remain a need to design a graphic to display for the attack-ground radius, I imagine the mouse scroll wheel and using the existing radius for towers and forts might work fairly well. the graphic would probably only be needed when executing the attack ground command, for example when holding 'A' for a group of ranged units. Perhaps there could also be a hud element for attack ground alongside patrol, garrison, and delete. I think more players are beginning to realize what benefits this could bring to the game. Reasons for Attack-Ground: allow players with ranged units to attack significantly beyond an amount of melee units. "silent nerf" for pikes (as opposed to reducing armor, which would basically make them bad again) "silent buff": for units with higher range (ie archers, which are considered weak, primarily because their range benefits are hampered by their limitation to shooting closer units) Reducing Overkill: Allows players with ranged units to better allocate their damage high pierce units will have even less overkill Overkill seems to be calculation-heavy, might even reduce lag if many players use this. In general: adds more creativity, balance, and skill to fights involving ranged units. Attack ground: id like to test this in more realistic situations to see if it has the benefits I outlined above. Here is a video posted by @Freagarach a few months ago. I could test this with a group if it became a mod. Could I get an idea of how favorable people see this for A26?
  2. Hi all, I reporte this at ticket system and I've been suggested to post it here for community discussion, which is great and I hope it can give more ideas to devs. With the new capture engine I think it would be nice to redefine damage to buildings from units which are not designed for sieges (all except, siege weapons - rams, catapults, etc. -, Romans italic heavy infantry and Iberians Leial Zanduneira AFAIK). This would have some direct consequences: Civs picks will have direct consequences when/if a siege situation come into the game Tactical decisions about how to manage armies, depending on situations or objectives (no more champions nukes zerging, for example), both for defenders and attackers Early game is relevant again There are some ideas: Normal buildings: 30% percent of melee damage and 25% from ranged units Defensive buildings and Walls: 5% percent of melee damage and 2% from ranged units Of course, this damage modifications won't apply to any unit designed for sieges. In my humble opinion, this would lead to a drastic change of what we have seen until now and will probably needs further modifications of other siege/game related parameters like: formations to protect siege units, specialization of some siege units as suggested in #2038 and much more. I will try to keep the post as updated I can, so it can be a point of reference to anyone to start the discussion. Have a nice day!
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