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  1. The Celts are the quintessential offensive faction, yet they have no real offensive infantry unit. But I had that concern, too. However, I think that Hoplites will still be the main unit that players train because missile units aren't really able to influence battles in a decisive way - at least in the current design. The missile units will be used as support unit for the Phalanx, and I envision Slingers as the cheapest and quickest way to get such support. Besides, it will even out the Barracks units the Hellenes can train to 6. (4 infantry, 2 cavalry) And while we're at it, I'd like Celtic Slingers (are in the DD!) and Iberian Cavalry Javelinists (are also mentioned somewhere in the DD, as is the Rhodian Slinger), too.
  2. And any chance of Rhodian Slingers added to the Hellenic unit roster?
  3. Still, I simply don't want them in there, they kind of ruin the style.
  4. To my knowledge, Loyalty only applies to buildings/structures (like siege engines and ships), not units. It is used as a way to determine whether a structure is "ripe for capture" or not. If Loyalty is low, the structure can be captured by enemy units. ---- Something completely different: If promoted, Infantry units seem to be temporarily invulnerable (while playing their animation). Is this something intentional or will this be fixed in the future?
  5. The video you posted is not available in Germany. Anyway, the question whether this style of ship should be considered a merchant vessel still stands. It seems really more of a bireme to me. Oh, and I really love the new Carthaginian docks. The "Super Dock" is going to be the Special Building for Carthage? (they lack one currently in the DD) Or "just" a editor building? If the first, what are it's advantages over a common dock?
  6. The Carthaginian merchant ship startles me. First, its texture is completely different from anything else in the game and therefore does not fit in with the rest at all, and second, it looks much more like a warship than a civilian vessel. I expected a slightly re-done, re-skinned Iberian merchant ship for Carthage. What are your plans there?
  7. lol. Anyway, I think the Chalkaspides would work nicely. The Thoakritai look too Roman to me, and I'd like an Hellenistic feel. (though the definition of "Hellenistic" is pretty much "let's throw all cultures of the Ancient world together and see what we get".)
  8. You may be right. I just thought it would be a nice idea to encourage (maybe not really force) players to build coherent cities. What about this: The mentioned buildings could be built anywhere on the map, but they are less effective if built outside the radius of a civic centre.
  9. I'd actually like to see numerical AND placement limits per civic centre: you can build a given number of each building in the radius of one civic centre. For example, you can build 10 or so houses, 1 barracks, 1 temple, 1 market etc. per civic centre, but they have to be near the civic centre. This way, the game design would make the player (and especially the AI) build compact cities. This also goes well with the proposed concept of curtain walls - the area within the walls would indicate the radius where such buildings could be built. All of this doesn't apply to buildings like mills, farmsteads, fortresses, outposts etc., who could and should be built OUTSIDE of a city (civic centre radius).
  10. Feel free to add or remove stuff from my section, if you want. I really don't think it is complete, so you can complete it.
  11. Just don't overdo the animation, and it will be awesome!
  12. I hate to say this, but the textured capes looked better. EDIT: I take back what I said earlier. They do look odd at close zoom levels, but it is hardly noticeable at ingame zoom levels. Plus, it is much more handy for modders.
  13. To balance out things, the Seleucids should get an Champion Infantry Unit too. The Chalkaspides (bronze shield pikemen) are already in the game. (though I think they were the Elites of Pontus rather than of the Seleucid Empire)
  14. I had a take on Rhodian Slingers lately: The Basic rank is pretty much just the basic Toxotes, with sling instead of bow. The Advanced was inspired by this and this picture (both Shumate, I think, I found them on a game project site), while the Elite is kind of like the Europa Barbarorum Rhodian Slinger, though he is currently using the Elite Toxote body texture and an Iberian buckler for now - there was no Hellenic shield in a satisfying size. I honestly think those slingers should be in Vanilla 0 A.D. to complete the Hellenic Infantry lineup.
  15. Sorry, everyone. Here is the current version of the map. (yellow section done) I'd really like to do more, but I will be kind of preoccupied the next few months. migration-smst.zip
  16. Null A.D. sounds wrong to me, but there we go with different opinions. Personally, I don't think the game title should be translated, as most games (at least in German) are not, either.
  17. "X" is pronounced the same in German. But I refer to the game as "zero ay di". I just imagine pronouncing it "null ah deh". Sounds ridicolous.
  18. I'd like Philips thicker version, but obviously without glitches. If there is no way to elliminate those, I'm happy with the borders that are already in.
  19. I can do math. I just see no reason for houses etc. to affect borders at all.
  20. Well, the ratios sound good to me. As long as 1 is really, really insignificant.
  21. I think the borders could be a tiny tad bit thicker than in the current version. Also, which buildings will eventually affect borders? I'd say Civic Centres, Outposts, Fortresses and maybe Barracks. I don't know if pure economical buildings should affect borders - it doesn't make sense to me that houses should extend your borders, as they currently do.
  22. I actually did that, but I guess it's not visible. Should be better now:
  23. I get the following error if I try to place a house or a civic centre:
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