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  1. Well, i was not sure what you meant exactly. Perhaps you could explain it in simple English to a poor German student. Yeah, there are plenty of uses for that feature. Especially when you are dealing with a campaign that covers one war drive, so the game could actually memorize how many soldiers were left in the last scenario and that would affect with how many soldiers you start in the next ... that would contribute to the atmosphere of the campaigns a lot!
  2. As accurate as i can make them. Sometimes, it might be neccessary to shape history a bit due to gameplay and balancing issues, but they are supposed to be accurate. You mean, that the player achieves a goal in one scenario and that will have effects throughout the rest of the campaign? That would be pretty cool, and would definitivley add some depth to the gameplay.
  3. I see, so your intention is to continue in history as you continue with the series? I can skip my ideas for a Egyptian and Babylonian Civilisation then.
  4. Yeah, the Hebrews would be nice, they could be made as a religious based culture with special cavalry. (Salomo was famous for his cavalry) However, i doubt that they will be included in 0 A.D., because the development process has gone too far to implement a whole new civilisation. But it would be neat to have them in 0 A.D.'s future expansions, for the developers want to include more factions there.
  5. I don't know much about him, but what else than the Battle of Thermopylai did Leonidas do and how could one make that into a campaign? @oshron: Well, for a game which claims to be the most historically accurate RTS it woukd be rather unfit with something completely fictional. What do you guys think about the Athens-Variant?
  6. Vista, though i have a Win7 upgrade lying around here somewhere ... but there is no need for me to install it.
  7. I suggested the Rise of Athens as a tutorial campaign - you have many things in there, getting told the basics in Athens, moving on to Greek colonies to do economic and cultural advanced stuff, in the end, returning to Athens for the greco-persian wars where you will get to use advanced military options. This has also a historical resemblence - for example, the Greeks developed their culture further as they began to build colonies in Asia Minor and Southern Italy and came into grips with local cultures there (before that, they only had the basics of civilisation, as the beginner player will have). Another example being the Battle of Salamis, this was the first time the Athenians ever had a greater navy and thus, they needed to learn how to command them.(!) The Greek culture is also quite fitting for that, since it has become a kind of "demo civilisation" for 0 A.D.^^
  8. Yeah. The Iberians. That is also a problem that i see. I spent some thoughts on the possibility to replace the Celtic Campaign with an Iberian one. Pro Iberian: - a VERY unique civ, never seen or heard of any game that included them - defensive guerilla tactics, as described, could be used to design some challenging scenarios Pro Celtic: - temperate setting (despite Iberians, who would again, as Greeks and Romans do, live in the Mediterranean) - completely different style (each civ has, but especially this one) - well, lets say, some kind of personal love for the Celtic culture I ended up choosing the Celtic variant, because i saw an oppurtunity to include the Iberians into the Punic Wars Campaign, though i am not satisfied altogether with that solution. Another possibility: A fourth Iberian campaign. But that would mean, we have essentially the same ground theme as in the Celtic Campaign, which is rebellion - and again, against Romans ... Edit: The other thread is witnessed. @Moderation: Any possibility to merge those two threads since they cover the same topic?
  9. Hi everyone, recently i have applied for the post of a scenario designer for 0 A.D. I'm not quite sure yet if the developers will take me, but it sounded not too unpromising. Since the game is not in the state yet to start working on campaigns, i am currently making plans for campaigns. I open this thread for me to present you my ideas and for you to post your own ideas, suggestions etc. General: I suggest three major campaigns plus one tutorial campaign where you learn the basics of the game. Each of the major campaigns will have a decent size, at the moment i figured 12 scenarios for each. The campaigns increase in difficulty the later they are dated. The ambition is to include every faction of the game in the three campaigns, as a player culture or as allies and foes. Tutorial - The Rise of Athens Period: ~800 - 480 B.C. Civ: Hellenic/Poleis Overview: The player learns the basics of the game while he is building up the great city of Athens from its beginnig in Greek's dark age to the time of the Persian Wars. --- Campaign 1 - Alexander The Great Period: 338 - 323 B.C. Civ: Hellenic/Macedonian Overview: Follow Alexander on his quest to conquer the Persian Empire ... and beyond. --- Campaign 2 - The Punic Wars Period: 264 - 201 B.C. Civ: Roman Overview: Covers the first and the second Punic War on the Roman side. --- Campaign 3 - The Queen of Britain Period: 60 - 61 A.D. Civ: Celtic/Britons Overview: The uprising of the Britain Celts against Rome under Boadicea (Boudicca). Presumably with a "happy ending", which means eventual victory, though historically the uprising was crushed. --- These are my ideas, i have worked out the first campaign (Alexander) quite far. Now, what are your ideas? What do you want to see in a campaign for 0 A.D.? Maybe something completely different? Greetings, SMST
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