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  1. Funny that the art is almost done, but not the programming. In many opensource games its mostly the other way round: good engines, but not art. Maybe opensourcing the engine/game could attract some of those developers. Just look at the amount of shooter-style engines out there, surely a coder among them could be interested in picking up a RTS-engine /with/ art to boot.
  2. Kickety kick! If it's still possible, I'd like my nickname to change to "Brent", without the quotes
  3. I was going to mention ODE, looks pretty kewl too. I was simply responding to the monetary issue.
  4. AGEIA's engine is free. http://www.ageia.com/developers/index.html
  5. putting the code in a tarball doesn't mean one can compile it... the make and config scripts is where the magic happens, and that doesn't even take in account the obvious differences between all the platforms, for which the actual gamecode has to be tuned to get things to work.
  6. First off: I think it's great you're considering an opensource license. The community can use such topclass work. But I do think you are not up to snuff on the intricacies of opensourcing. (which is very understandable, license-issues can be minefields). There are hundreds of licenses for starters, which can mean very different things, for end users and you the creaters. I read that you fear people 'stealing' the game. With viral licenses like the GPL this is impossible. The 'new' game would have to be GPL too, and then pointing out that they're just copycats would be easy. Then again, if they're effectivily just redistributing, whats the problem? One of the points about opensource is that these things should be possible. If you just don't want that, maybe it's just better to keep it closed after all. If people cant effectivily do anything with the code/art, then no use making it OS under some prohibitive license. About 'losing copyright'. Copyright is something that lies automatically with the original writers/artist. No action required on your part, ever. I know many people equate open source with GPL, but that of course nonsense. You could choose BSD, LGPL or as I said, hundreds other or your own custom license. I sincerely suggest contacting a legal advisor from (for example) the FSF (http://www.fsf.org/licensing). AFAIK they provide advice to developers for free for precisely these kinds of issues. Maybe others know of even more places to obtain advice (I'm not really into this either).
  7. Yep, my bad. The lameness was directed at AoE3, AoE2 rulez!
  8. I'm not very active here, but I sure as hell a big fan! Have been since 2003/2004 I think? Here's to hoping I'll be selected
  9. But that beta is in no way public, as only a handful of people will get to play it right?
  10. So first theres the select beta, later the public preview? All this year?
  11. Oooeeh, aaaahh, yeahhhh! But, somewhere else I read something about a release for select people, which is it exactly if you dont mind me asking
  12. I think so. Yeah sure, AoE3 on graphics high looks sophisticated, but it's just bloom+HDR for the hell of it in my opinion. Like so many games these days (Need For Speed anyone) throw some pixelshader3 over to cover up that fact that its a bad game. Step a notch down to where bloom etc is off (which looks better imho, nice crisp and sharp), and you're left with graphics on par with AoM. And gameplaywise: pulease... Play the darn game, it much worse than AoM and let's not talk about AoE2 (which is King, pun intended). Lame tech-tree, lame map-mechanics and a lame campaign. Theres much better (graphically and gameplay-wise) RTS'es out there, some even older than AoE3.
  13. And you didn't see the abomination that is AoE3 coming and warned us? Bad journalism...
  14. I want it all, I want it all. I want it all, and I want it NOW!
  15. There's very little information/screens on the website that make me think that it's still on the drawing board. Also, what exactly is on the drawing board is not enterily clear to me: a real expasion that requires AOE1? Although I appreciate the idea, I will have to see some 'evidence' first before I think this'll get anywhere.
  16. In AoE3 it sucked indeed. Can't imagine how anyone could play like that. And one tad below that in gfx looked like AoM-level sophistication to me, but then again, the whole of AoE3 wasn't very good.
  17. But I remember reading 2-3 years back that th release was gonna be more like 2007 than 2006. So I hope we can expect something this year
  18. OK, but I think not entirely. When you guy's are done, there will be a fine-tuned and polished 3D engine suited for RTS'es (and for RPG's and adventures too I guess?). Pretty much all OS-RTS'es are 2D (nothing wrong with that of course). But, on top of that (I should have left 'graphical' out) there's a bunch of other usefull stuff (thinngs like fog of war) that's already done. And you're right in saying that most project lack artists and have plenty programmers, but from what I can see there's a heap of models and textures and sounds available in 0AD and modding is easier than creating (and yes, you already support that, hmm, what was my point again ). Of course, this depends on what parts will be opensourced, if any. In any case, I think there's nothing to lose when making the code available. And instead of some CVS/SVN repo, just putting a source tarball up every now and then, will cost you hardly any effort and possibly gain us new games.
  19. First, let there be no doubt that I (and probably a lot of people) think that you are doing a great, if not one of the greatest jobs ever, on this project and that you really don't require the hassle that comes with being a truly Open Source project. I think that you'll produce one of the best RTS's ever and do not need any extra help with that, the 0AD team is fully capable of doing so. When I looks at the screenshots (which appear to be not working right now ) and read the backgrounds, it's clear that you know what you're doing. That said, I think that, as an Open Source fan, as a gamer and as a gamer that would love to switch permanently to Linux, opensourcing the game and/or it's engine in one way or the other would be a fantastic push for the open source gaming-scene. The 0AD project is a project of the scale of major commercial game projects and by unleashing your code you could contribute a earthshaking way to the development of more (competative) open source. My main point is that most games and pretty much all commercial games are Windows-only. There is a pretty big gap between commercial games and OS-games. Take Civilisation 4 and Freeciv for example. Not only graphically is it a big difference, also gameplay wise, and, I'm sad to say, in favor of Civ4. Of course, this is only one game, if one looks closer, you'll find genres like RTS/Race/Adventure are underrepresented and thus underrepresented on Linux. The culprit with pretty much all OS-games is the accessability and eye-candy. People like to play pretty games and there's nothing wrong with that. The downside of that is that, apart from a small but loyal group, most people avoid OS-games and just pick up a game from the shop, even if the game in reality is crappier. I'm not saying you, as the 0AD-dev-team have any obligations towards doing something about this, but I do think you have a great opportunity to do so. You're developing a free game that breaks with all preconceptions and truely is a game that competes (and, judging from the backgrounds articles, possibly even surpasses) in almost all aspacts of games. Therefore, releasing this would very probably mean landslide in the game-landscape. The few OS RTS'es could easily upgrade their graphics, since the hard part, a decent graphical engine, is done. Anyone with modelling and texturing capabilities can go create a custom game. Of course this will be possible, to some extent, out-of-the-box with 0AD through modding, but still. Since you'd like to keep at least the development of your own game indoors, you could come up with a creative way to opensource it all. Perhaps by update the source package every month and leave it at that. I f anyone wants it, they can get it and fork it if they want. Whatever. The point is it'll be available (and by the way could easily end up in a lot of Linux-distro's repositories!). My point is that OS-ing it would not automatically mean that you'll soon be in trouble that has nothing to do with you want: building a great game! Of course, I'm not forcing anything, just trying to convince I love you all, peace.
  20. Most people here are from the West; the English spoken world to be more precise. They are primairily Celts and/or Germanics. So I guess that's why.
  21. Germanic primarily, but when did people not mix? There's probably a bit of everything.
  22. Maybe some form of general slider could do this. You can set the slider (located somewhere in the screen) from 'Fast' to 'Good'. When set to fast, units will output faster, but perform slightly worse than units built with the slider on 'Good'. Maybe the amount of time you can change the slider can be regulated by points (when starting a game you get 100 and can use them at will).
  23. I kind of miss Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. It the real follow-up to Empire Earth (made by the same team) and a much better one than EE2 at that. It didn't get as much publicity as others though, so not much people know about it. I think RoN and E:DotMW are the two best RTS'es out there.
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