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  1. Well, since there is no cvs or tarball, it's already obvious it's not going to be open source. Have you considered releasing it under GPL? Or open the source code (since you don't need to go open source to open the... source... code...) hehe Best emoticon ever... What's the gain in keeping it closed? --- I hope the reason for not releasing a development version is because it really isn't playable yet. You could get a lot of feedback right now. I just know that the programs/games I enjoy the most are those build with a huge community effort. Reaper - which is a non-expiring shareware digital-audio workstation has become - by taking the suggestions of the community very seriously - an audio workstation that puts its competitors that have been around for over a decade, run by million-dollar companies to shame. Nexuiz and Warsow are two great examples for games that have made it by serving the community. I think there is great potential in involving the community more in the development process. - this has nothing much to do with licensing any more. But WTH
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