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  1. My sources from the vicious rumor department have alerted me to this startling fact. Wijitmaker in his spare time has been Creating Wijits. What are Wijits you ask? Wijits are devices made from mostly potato and foil that are used to control peoples minds. Together with these Wijits he is also developing a software engine called Prometheus -under the guise of a historical RTS game- which is used to control his wijits and their innocent hosts.
  2. I have started a Save the Starving Forumer Foundation. I ask everyone to dig deep and help our fellow human beings out. Here I will be updating you on what good work the the Save the Starving Forumer Foundation has done to help our less fortunet forumers.
  3. Yeah, I havent seen many Im really impressed with anyway.
  4. Theres a good excuse to get pissed, someone I dont know is having a birthday. Happy birthday mate, Im going to celebrate tonight;). (I only needed the slightest excuse)
  5. No Im pretty sure terrain type will effect a units speed.
  6. Thats allright Im near impossiable to offend, But I am easy to confuse;)
  7. Oh it wasnt explained very well. I thought it might be a random insult. It may as well be.
  8. Cheezy I challenge you to Golden Eye. I finished that game 100% many times. It was brilliant.
  9. Sorry Watcher, who said you would be offending anyone? and who are you calling a Capitalist pig? and why? and what would be funny? I don't follow your reply, it seems a little out of left feild as the saying goes.
  10. Agreed! I'll Post the Lits again as this is a new page. THE LIST Here it is Wijit, Tell Me What I forgot guys. Also I think the Way I orgonised it into Man Made, Natural and Misc Objects works well. *UPDATES* Are Listed In Red UPDATE Added New Catagory "Cinimatic Props and Effects" Natural Eyecandy Flowers Mist Smoke Rocks Trees Apple Trees Dead Trees Cherry Trees A Burning Bush! Really Big Tree Gum Tree Orchard Trees Olive Trees Orange Trees Lemon Tres Apple Tres Pear Trees Grape Vines Cactus Bushes Wheat Dead Bodies/Animals Ponds Lilies Rainbow Logs Leaf Litter Mushrooms Cracks Puddles Blood on Ground Snow Drift Lava Cracks Cave Entrance Cave Stalagmites Interesting Rock Formations Grasses Pillar of Stone Animal Trails/Tracks Marsh plants coral Tall Grass Man Made Eyecandy Fountains Crucifix Houses Flags Gates Plaza Tiles Bridges Fences Wheat Bundles Wagon Wheel Tents Fence Post Fallen Tree Extra Buildings Wood Pile Hedge Shrine to Evil Archery Targets Attack Dummies Underwater Ruins Shrine to Good Weapon piles Cage Grave Stones Bath House Sign Post Paths Rope Crates Sacks of Grain Barrels Mine Sun Dial Sword in a Rock Statues (and some Big @#$% ones at that!) Stone Arch Stone Benches Stone Table Stone Table With Blood over It Ruins Construction Pillars corpse Aqueducts SPQR banner The Pantheon RomeThe Great Library of Alexandria, The Temple of Karnak in Egypt, The Villa of Hadrianus in Tivoli, Italy Misc Snowman Crashed Spaceship Loch Ness Parking Meter Trash Can Street Light Fast Food Outlet Large Creator with Burning Meteor (Animated) Cinimatic Props and Effects Rainbow Tumble Weed (Animated/AI) Fire Flies (Animated/AI) Frog (Animated/AI) Falling Ash (Animated) Waves (Animated) Falling Ash + Fire (Animated) Blowing Leaves (Animated) Rain (Animated) Falling Snow (Animated) Blow Hole (Animated) Flies (Animated) Butterflies (Animated) Water Falls (Animated) Fires (Animated) Iceberg (Animated/AI) Spot Light (Animated/AI) - Follows Unit Frost Wind (Animated) Sun Rays Through Clouds (Animated) Lightning Bolts (Animated) Interactive Eyecandy This is Just an Idea It could be a possibility for some scenario makers??? Usable Weapons - Can Be Picked Up By Units & May Change Attack Armour - Can Be Picked Up and Increases HP Food Items – Increases Units Health Resource Piles – Gain Resources Picked Up Misc Special Units Not Really Eyecandy But another possibility for some scenario makers. Ents Wizard Kangaroo Dragon Dinosaur Balrog UFO Trooper Plague Rats Dwarf Ares Zeus Posidion Neptune Hercules Aphroditie Child Hanging man (or is it hung man?) Theif
  11. Very clever Conjurer but whats with the theatrical *sigh*. No need to make me feel stupid
  12. Is it only me and Swellick who made our own?
  13. Cool! mind if I post this another 500 times?
  14. Tell me who you think has the best avatar picture Im going to pick the top ten and make a poll where we can vote. The winner gets fame and fortune, oops looks like we're out of fortune . Ok the winner gets recognition and a really cool Avatar. Im going to enter mine it follows the 0ad shields theme but its and eye Well I like it! + I made it myself. Im going to put a vote in for cheezey's avatar as well its a cool combination of halflife and 0ad.
  15. The title says it all.... What are the 7 wonders of the ancient world. All I can remember are: Pyramids Hanging Gardens What about the pantheon? And that huge @#$% library that burned down? Were they ones? I origionaly posted this question as a reply in the eyecandy topic, however I think if Im going to get all 7 I need more people to view it. Anyone know the answer?
  16. Who do you think would object? A crucifix is an important Roman object, it doesnt need to be made into a religious object although it does have a specific use for that too. I know some people make religious campagins. AOK even had a scenerio design team doevted to scenerios soley of religious topics. I cant imagine a game set in "0ad" without a jesus unit. I hope no one would object to that. We always talk about religious acceptance. Those that dont like it dont have to play scenerios with such themes and those that are offended are nothing but radicals so nuts to them. Also what are the 7 wonders of the ancient world. All I can remember are : Pyrmids Hanging Gardens What about the pantheon? and that huge @#$% library that burned down?
  17. I think we need to keep a limit on extra units as the focus is eyecandy the units section is filling up fast and we could go on forever. we still need more natural eyecand however I think.
  18. I like the Idea of attack increasing depending on the number of units aboard a ship. Could we extend this to increasing the ships speed as well>? Makes sence more people working the ship the faster it goes. And If were doing weather why not a wind factor in the game also...or is that to complex?
  19. The units I sugested that dont fit in the time frame are meant for fantasy scenerios and to add a little fun to the game, not for use in the majoriy of maps, however I guess you are right. I'll add it.....But whats the real use of such a prop without other medievil props to back it up in any useful scenerio?
  20. Jeru I did not add the Forum or therter as they will be too big and wouldnt work propperly unless units could actually enter them. Using a combination of benches tables etc you may be able to make a ralistic forum that units can walk through. Also watcher, a hanging corpse would not fit in well with the 0ad time frame.
  21. I liike cheezys Sugestion about an auto scout button. Cheers Mate! Good Call!
  22. Render


    Not sure if this is wher to post it but Im getting this error and similar ones using certian forms here: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/forums.wildfiregames.com/httpdocs/wfg/conf_global.php on line 105 Warning: Access denied for user: 'apache@localhost' (Using password: NO) in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/forums.wildfiregames.com/httpdocs/wfg/sources/Drivers/mySQL.php on line 65 Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'apache@localhost' (Using password: NO) in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/forums.wildfiregames.com/httpdocs/wfg/sources/Drivers/mySQL.php on line 65 Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/forums.wildfiregames.com/httpdocs/wfg/sources/Drivers/mySQL.php on line 68 ERROR: Cannot find database Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/forums.wildfiregames.com/httpdocs/wfg/sources/Drivers/mySQL.php on line 109 There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here, if this does not fix the error, you can contact the board administrator by clicking here Error Returned mySQL query error: SELECT t.*, f.topic_mm_id, f.name as forum_name, f.quick_reply, f.id as forum_id, f.read_perms, f.reply_perms, f.parent_id, f.use_html, f.start_perms, f.allow_poll, f.password, f.posts as forum_posts, f.topics as forum_topics, f.upload_perms, f.show_rules, f.rules_text, f.rules_title, c.name as cat_name, c.id as cat_id FROM topics t, forums f , categories c WHERE t.tid=138 and f.id = t.forum_id and f.category=c.id mySQL error: Access denied for user: 'apache@localhost' (Using password: NO) mySQL error code: Date: Friday 03rd of October 2003 05:19:52 AM We apologise for any inconvenience
  23. I liked being able to queue farm but I also Like Allied AI actually acting like Allies and responding to how you play rather than acting like a seperate player. Mabey even to the point of giving advice and assistance when needed.
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