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  1. Did anyone ever play our rome mod. (The one started before and finished after RaW) It was called All Roads Lead To Rome, I'll find link........ ARLTR Unfortunetly we missed the boat a little which is a shame cause its was really great.
  2. I thought I'd drop by and see whats new. Its been several months since I last visited.Ive settled into a new home job and uni so I thought I'd drop by and see all the new progress. since Im no longer staff I cant view all the juciest details but would someone care to take the time to fill me in on some of the good stuff? Cheers. Hope your all well and the project is going well also.
  3. Congrats CO, Looks like you my be a well deserved winner. Or have I spoken too soon. It always seems when I say something may be certian it doesnt happpen. (I think the universe finds it funny to alter its natural path to make me wrong. It seems that way anyway. This theory is also based around the other theory, that the universe actually does revolve around me.)
  4. I dont think we should add that Mythos. (But it wouldnt be hard to make with Triggers;)) Or a Mod.
  5. I like the Idea of placable sounds nice work I'll add some. I could add a barn but I have a fair list of objects out of time frame already I might have to crop a few out of the list but havent decided which ones yet.
  6. No problem, Were you thinking a farm house?
  7. It is an old topic but new input is welcome. Most of the things you mention are listed already but I'll add the orchard trees and vinyards to the list. Explain ranch house to me..... Im not sure they had ranches in 0ad.
  8. I've always wanted to see an RTS game where the units fight with many different moves like in a fighting game. AI issues would make the time needed to program this an impractical Idea for 0ad however.
  9. I got 136 but I dont think its accurate. I guarantee Im not that smart in real life;)
  10. Does anyone remember how Civ2's wonders effected the game they also gave bonuses and were civ specific. Totaly different game style but it could still work.
  11. Pretty Nice Guys, I cant wait to texture my own world. I've prepared some beautiful textures. Beautiful in 2d anyway. Lets wait and see what they like in the 3d terain engine. (My latest coral texture is almost eatable!)
  12. Im another WFG fosil I was about on the aok and I used to work with dire_wolf on aok mods and stuff before WFG was even established. I made the rival rome mod to RAW, ARLTR. It was started earlier but we made the mistake of not having a team so me and TVS basically tackled a project biger than RAW alone. LOL but we finally got it done, and Im off topic now.
  13. CONTENT *Screams at artists, programers and everyone!*
  14. I was having my walls Rendered at the time I needed to come up with a name for regerstration of the AOE forums to keep it seperate from my personal email. So Render it was, I decided to use it as a username also and it stuck. Later it made sence as I got into graphics, but that was a just lucky. Im really happy with it now.
  15. Sorry DA, Do you think you can forgive me? Back on topic now arn't we;)
  16. I was well confused I think the plot took to many turns and wasnt revelant enough to the game play.
  17. Well How come Crap is allowed and "H e l l" isnt?
  18. If asking for information it first needs to provide enough information to get peoples brains stimulated. For example If I wanted you to come up with a new name for WFG. Id get a better result If I gave you 5-10 examples and asked you to list some more than If I just said come up with some yourself. Thats just one of my observations, am I right?
  19. I agree this is a very no bias review. I wouldnt have been able to look over the fact that Age of Kings was, and still is my all time favorite game. My review would have consisted of @#$%ing Awsome, Best RTS ever... etc etc. You were able to take a good netural view point and as a result raised some good issues. One of the points you raised about unique civs intresed me. How Unique should a civ be? Personally I think AOM civs were too unique, although I think the concept of completly unique civs worked better in warcraft 3. Aok had cool unique units, you could saftly take this a little futher with unique buildings tecs and other units, but is there too far?
  20. Thats right this is a joke although feel free to sponser! you will recive an PM regarding who you have sponsered. DA got it;)
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