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  1. You don't know camping till you've slept in a tent filled with 3 inches of water. Of course, if you say the right comment, you can get away without your friends teasing you about it.
  2. Why would the universe collapse on itself? My guess is that the postometer would read 100,000.
  3. I voted 8, because there really isn't enough talking about subjects. Mostly word games.
  4. Mine are my Parents. They are the best role models in the world.
  5. personally, I don't find anything FUNNY about it, but all those moves were cool.
  6. It was terrible, especially when my Dad was in the Air Force. The smell was on everything, incuding his uniforms!
  7. Good point, but I forgot about that, so I voted reading.
  8. We accidentally fed some skunks without knowing, and the whole family moved in, as well as all their relatives.
  9. I haven't heard of Odessey, but you have to be desperate to listen to it.
  10. Hi, One of my freinds told me about this place so I signed up. This is my first time on one of these things, so I don't exactly know what to say.
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