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  1. I was thinking, why do atheists believe there is no God? Is it because of the lack of proof? The lack of "good" in the world? What? (keep in mind I'm not tryinf to offend anyone)

    So, this is a thread about -Atheism vs. Theism- . We can disscuss! After all, I think this is just about as intellectual as it gets. :king:

  2. First, SGE, you are new, that's why you didn't know that he was eating what I knew he was eating because my ESP levels are so high. Second, you even said that you didn't know that you knew what he was eating, but even still, I know that I knew that he knew what he was eating, which, IYRC, he said I didn't know but i did, and even you said you didn't know even though now you said you knew, although I know that you knew that you didn't know what he was eating. That also answers the third one, too. It' simple.

  3. No, but tell you what: You guys are not familiar with this process, so there's no way you can figure this out. I will concede the question to SGE or whoever will give me a rep... :king:

  4. "Haha! Not quite! I deployed my Rent-a-ghost to the scene! i claim him as the winner! What do you have to say, ghost?"

    "Well, I'm pleased to be here, I must say, especially since I get half the pay, too."

    "No you don't remember? It says so right here in the contract. See?"

    "Wha-! How could I-"

    "It's too late, ghost, it says you can't leave here till I get the prize, too."


    "Hahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!"

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