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  1. The shadows, buildings and units look good, the terrain and textures look a little off.
  2. Personally I find I can't stand to watch American football and the NFL after growing up with Canadian football and the CFL. American football is just too dull and slow. Soccer is fairly popular up here and you won't find too many people referring to it as a girl’s sport. Though it isn’t nearly as popular as hockey.
  3. Flames. Tampa Bay doesn't even deserve to have a hockey team. If a city does not receive snow on a regular basis it does not deserve a hockey team. The broad street bullies are okay because they have some history to them and they receive snow but they are not Canadian. iNtRePiD's law for rooting for teams (in order of how to root for teams) 1) Toronto Maple Leafs 2) Any remaining Canadian team 3) The American side of the original six 4) The American team with the highest line of latitude
  4. Good but not great, and certainly not epic. It was not worth the price of the $13.75 movie stub, but then again so few movies are these days.
  5. At the moment I have 0 as I am on summer vacation. During university this year I had 5. - Early Modern Europe - Foundations of Physics - Calculus! - Politics - Modern Europe In my last year of High school I had. - English (OAC) - Calculus (OAC) - Algeo (OAC) - Physics (OAC) - Economics (OAC) - Philosophy (OAC) - European History (APC)
  6. Victoria Day or May 2-4, as it has been recently called in numerous beer commercials to signify the date in which the holiday occurs and to remind you to buy numerous 2-4's of beer, is an enjoyable holiday. Canada day is also a fairly nice holiday.
  7. Relationships are highly overrated, or at least that is what my experiences have taught me.
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