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  1. Hungry Horses is now available on IOS - https://apps.apple.com/ua/app/hungry-horses-chess-puzzles/id6479247240 (FYI - @ShadowOfHassen ) Let me know what you think.
  2. My friends, Please check this out - Hungry Horses is live on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.storytellerstudio.knightstour I've been working on this with a couple other folks for about six months. It's a chess puzzle game that aims, to improve your ability to visualize the knight. I think it's beautiful, and funny, and engaging. IOS version coming soon. Feedback welcome.
  3. @ShadowOfHassen - it was randomly generated mainland.
  4. In the replay, this guy who destroyed everybody did something strange. Before even minute 2, he sent a batch of women to the border of his area. It was unexplored. It turned out that there were berries right there. What might be an explanation for this?
  5. How many workers is enough to boom?
  6. Rule #1: Have the most Cavalry and you'll win (if you can micro). Rule #2: If not, have the most Barracks and you'll win. Rule #3: If not, have the most fields, and win. Rule #4: The Rules don't apply to top players like borg, vali, vinme.
  7. I love the respect for historic accuracy, and even more so -- curiosity, demonstrated throughout these forums.
  8. My friend, I've been working on this knight's path chess puzzle game. If you have an Android device, please check it out. We just opened public testing, so you can get the full version here while testing lasts: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.storytellerstudio.knightstour I'd love some feedback. Do your worst! Try to make my cry. Try to convince me that I wasted months and thousands of dollars.
  9. Thanks for the comment @borg-. In one of the earlier vids, I included and pointed out the good natured chat bw you and Vali that took place immediately after the game. So there's that. But the clicks, man. The clicks. Why not put on your Loco Max mask? Why not give it everything and then turn to the mob who will never understand what it takes to perform at an elite level, and ask them "Are you not entertained?"
  10. How to Spartan Invaders get Surrounded!
  11. You could have the feature go through all the possible permutations of players and note all the "good enough" matchups in the chat, including imbalanced player counts - 3v5, 1v2, etc.
  12. A great new feature for the localratings Mod would be to make balance recommendations in TGs.
  13. Borg's mass vs Vali's economy of effort
  14. Borg plays a tough game, demonstrating what I think is a "map control" strategy.
  15. Personal accomplishment. I crossed 2000 on chess.com (rapid rating)!
  16. Will Atrik's Hannibal Destroy Borg's Rome? @Atrik
  17. 4v4, the Great Charge of Borg's Brigade Saves a Nearly-Lost Game!
  18. Balance? Rauls Akazid and Sniper all on the same team?
  19. 0ad-Team West w Rauls vs Team East Akazids
  20. Borg's Team South vs Hakuna's Team North
  21. Here it is. Here's the more recent of the two times that Raffun1969 refused to resign, but abandoned the game instead when he was losing. commands.txt metadata.json
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