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  1. Unsure why that would be necessary, but thank you for having my back Also, at the back of my head, I think we actually need 4 0ads (still working out the math)
  2. Oh, you came here for facts' civ#4? Bad news, this isn't that. Good news, I have a better suggestion. We have 14 civs. Which is a good number (can be better with my 3 new civs). But you know what we actually need more of? 0 A.D My suggestion - *hold your breath* 0AD 2. We need 2 0ADs. I might have actually outdone myself (No, I don't want an Oscar, Grammy or Nobel Prize, my contributions are solely for the betterment of society) This new 0AD will have no new features (Development community needs rest). It is meant to split the player base and cause madness and confusion. Buahahahahahaha I am mad scientist! Chaos! Conquer! cheers, facts (oh facts) P.S: Maybe look into 3 0ADs?
  3. Since Rockstar games decided to make GTA 6 an rts after adopting my civ ideas, I decided to take a short break. It's been one day, and I feel better now. Time for civ idea #3 I decided to make this civ based on super mecha champions. I lied about being a researcher in history. I am cs student who is also a degen weeb. So, back to topic, here is the new civ. --->DISCLAIMER: If you have high bp, or anything like that, don't read further, you will be blown away and you will die (amen). <--- Civ name: Mecha This civ is from the future (5000AD), they time travelled to 0AD so they could beat everyone's ass. Their basic unit is a Mecha who has 1000 hp, 100%/100%/100% Armour and does 1000/1000/1000 damage. It requires a lot of skill to use and is for experienced players only. I recommend borg try it against Valihrant. It also costs 25 Robux (I will link my Roblox account) to buy it from the 0ad e-shop. You get a free body pillow (anime girl of your choice, default is Makima). I can't find concept art on it, but that shouldn't be tough to find. @stan0adartist, I request you to look into drawing something (ms paint is good I have heard, unless you have Linux, then use a vm and get ms paint) I learnt how to do hello world in python, so I will code the civ as elexis is busy with binging Tom 0ad If you have any ideas, let me know in the comment section cheers! facts (oh facts)
  4. Reception to my previous post was overwhelming (for good reason). AoE devs contacted me for civ ideas but I reminded them that I am committed to 0ad I have decided to present a new civ idea, based on the extensive research I did over the last few months (I have a degree in research, in case you've forgotten) Civ Name: Morbius 2 This civ is slightly out of this game's rule book (500BC to 1BC, this civ existed between 600BC and 501BC), so it might not be added, but hey, at least you can learn a little about history or make a mod out of it. This civ only had men (that is why they died out after 99 years as they couldn't reproduce, and lifespan of a normal man is 99). Hence, you cannot forage or farm properly, but you can cut trees and mine metal/stone at 500% efficiency (They loved getting stoned, Historically). Also, this civ should have a unique unit named Unique Man who is just like a regular citizen solider except he is unique (in some way, maybe we can have @elexis0addev come up with some ideas?) Hope this civ sees the light of day Cheers! facts
  5. After much research (I have a degree in research) and interviews with history professors I think I have come up with an idea for a civ. The Morbius civ. This civ defaults at 10000 of every resource (historically, this was a very rich civ). However, to balance it, it only has one type of unit called Morbius which requires -10/-10/-10/-10 resources to train and takes -5 minutes (I'll work on a solution for non-linear time). I don't think there's a feature in the engine for such gameplay (@elexis3 can you check) so maybe keep this for the future. I am thinking alpha 100, which is only halfway through in 0ad's full release roadmap. @stan0adArtist, I attached a picture of morbius for reference Let me know what you guys think cheers! facts
  6. I started using mobile data for 0ad, and now I have no problems. Kinda funny tho, I honestly thought hosting would be impossible on mobile data
  7. I asked people after joining servers that I could and, I can only join servers where the host forwards their port. How do I configure my firewall/router to allow servers that use STUN?
  8. So, this is what's been happening for the past few days. I can join some games, but not others. Those aren't private games, those are normal tg that I can't join for some odd reason. Also, something similar happened where I hosted a game and one of my friends couldn't join me, but random people were able to join and then he hosted a game, and I wasn't able to join him while other random people were able to join him. I deleted my antivirus, disabled my firewall, tried many many things, but to no avail. Hence, I have decided to post it here. I am on windows btw and I use my University's wifi (felt like it was important to share idk). lmk if there's a solution. cheers, facts
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