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  1. I totally agree with Reza and Chrsgtr on all the way !
  2. Balance is good and you are right. But I am talking more in terms of gameplay and game experience/feeling.
  3. About my edit : Units behaviour, I don't know what happened to it. You will see for example soldiers be capturing buildings on the battle field, or try to target unsuccessfully a group of archers with skirmirshers when an elephant is in between...
  4. And of course I can simply congratulate the development team for all the great changes made. Those changes include : - Lot better graphisms - Better options - Better GUI - Better translations - Even a Better balance and global pathfinding
  5. I agree but the last days of the release have been rushed and I think we agree on that too. I will do for sure ! The last days of the release have been rushed, right ? Thank you for your perspective. Ok, to take a bit in the details, I think the game-play is broken (if you take a look at that replay, you will understand everything !). But here is a non exhaustive list (and sorry my language may be brutal): - Slingers were op in a23we complained then make archers op - Giving all the factions rams is abusive is my opinion as it reduces the originality of each faction - Pathfinding has serious issues now (probably due to snapping addition) and those issues are the most seen with rams and on nuits target change - Resources are not balanced Those simple facts broke whole the gameplay in my humble opinion. EDIT : the most important ! UNITS STATE MACHINE IS BROKEN
  6. Hi, I write with a little anger, hmm, a lot even and I think that it will be worth me a ban but as long as I do ... First of all, take a look at my last game, yes my last if nothing is done to change things. Files are in attachments. Now tell me, tell me honestly if that, that is 0ad. For my part, I can hardly recognize this game I loved so much, this game which reached such a level that it became a benchmark in the genre. Now, speaking to the developers, I just want to ask you why. Why such a rushed release ? I have no doubt that you are working hard to fix the bugs that are going to be submitted daily, but so many changes and so sudden are not the best. I also know how to count on your listening to the community to direct you in your works when you do not know which direction to take. I will not list here everything that is wrong with this release but I trust that the cries of the players will be heard and that the game-play will be quickly restored. 0ad is a long term dream so please, please, make it great again and remember that #Make0adGreatAgain commands.txt metadata.json
  7. omg I was writing for a long time a long explanation of all the good/bad parts of the newer alpha when i missclicked to close all :/ Is there anything I can do to retrieve the draft ???????? (had written pages sosad :/) 30minutes text lost, forever ??? :/
  8. Yeah, As Reza, I think that a24 is terrible compared to a23. In few points, I agree great improvements have been done. Those points are : 1. Dancing prevention by sleep time on turning
  9. We are missing FGod 1.6.24 :/ https://wildfiregames.com/forum/profile/22155-ffffffff/
  10. Hey, Nice match indeed ! Here is the metadata ! Greetings. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=50273
  11. Hi, I was pretty busy that last times. @bb_ I have token a look at the asciimoji.js. I have token its minify and performed the mod with it (and yes, it was much easier and performant !). But I got a problem as I am editing many folders and didn't wanted to replicate asciimoji.min.js. First I have tried to make a module by exporting the asciimoji function but 0ad warned me about the fact that modules aren't implemented yet. Then, I have seen that the game (particularly the mods) are using some global functions (I guess defined in the engine or a in a specific folder maybe ?) but didn't found my way. In addition, I have seen (while performing Common Bot) that there is also a kind of intern modules definitions or declarations I don't know... If you can take a look to that and tell me the way to follow, it would be nice ! Greetings
  12. Hi, a couple of days ago, I have been banned from the game (mehh, I wanted it because I was addicted and wanted to pass the Xmas in family then created smurf accounts but this is not the question). On the time of my bannation, I was ... bored. Passed a very nice Xmas but ... wanted to play... but ... the very hard agressive Petra was too easy and was not playing really as a common player would do. There was one (yes, only one thing) which was looking bad to me : the manner he is actually building houses... In fact, Petra builds houses ALWAYS in the same area near of each others and this is quiet embarrasing to me so I have created a mod which is in fact another bot, derived of Petra (yes, I have litteraly copied Petra code ) and which do principaly two (02) things differently of Petra but which things change a lot the result of his gameplay. This two (02) changes are when he builds farmstead and how he builds houses. The rules were easy. Pick a random place of your territory, if this place is not THE optimized place for a farm, storehouse, etc, place an house there; if there is a need of houses and ressources to exploit far away of your influence territory, try to extend (get more influence or force) by building an house towards the ressources, then build the storehouse. The second one is relative to the game starting technique. The actual Petra builds a farmstead only if he has a farm and an house built while Common Bot doesn't mind to get it at any time. The principal advantage of Common is that he just pick the nearest units of the houses building chosen position to perform the task. And it saves him a lot of time. I will attach soon some games between Petra and Common (1v1 and 4v4). I will compile the mod and distribute it soon if the community agrees. I am also waiting for some suggests to improve it (I already have some ideas for newer versions).
  13. Hi, Your categorization of the types of attacks is very interesting to study because it is representative, at least in appearance, of what we can find or feel in the game. Nice job !
  14. That it not false. I will take a more deep look at that.
  15. Hi, Ok, we all have pretty much seen what is happening the last times to some team games : unexplained crashes. It occurs principaly in the games of "known players". So it's legitim to think they don't happen randomly but are through someone or some people who is/are targetting 0ad for a reason which is not clear yet. The community was not silencious about those attacks and many tried for some to find who is doing that and others to find how to face them. Event if many are developers, it is not always evident. I - The facts: All the clients lose almost simultaneously the connexion to the server. This process seems irreversible as there are not actually connexion issues and way to fix it. II - The responses: A - Finding the author(s) Here is a screenshot of online people a day when many attacks happened. Image by reza-math. This screenshot is interesting because attacks here happened where there was not a lot of people online. B - Make a protection against the attacks The first idea to protecting against that attacks is to close the ports used by the author(s). The issue is that this solution is not very effective when the author(s) can only change attack port. Another fact is that they need to go through 0ad to do their attacks. And about that we know the port used by 0ad lobby : 5222. Confer to the discussion below dated of November 2013. Refering to this, we easily see that all the threads are going through there. So for an attack, many connnexions can be simulated. So, we are probably facing DoS/DDoS attacks. We easily see that by running `netstat` Even if the will of the author(s) is not known yet, we suppose they only want to destroy the game or some players. However, what we must do is to face that attacks as it should be. C - What I am experimenting Knowing that, it is clear that closing all connexions using a firewall on the port 5222 won't solve the issue. But in another hand, the attacks are coming from tiers through pyrogenesis. And this is our luck ! In fact, Operating Systems allow using firewalls on applications to only allow secure (or encrypted) connexions (even not tiers?) trusted by those applications(or only coming from them?). After doing that stuff, I performed many tests on the game and the result was pretty surprising. On 7 games (by a day with many attacks), 6 ended well and the 7th was according to me due to a connexion issue from me. What I have noticed and what is making me confidant on this is that we have often felt the attack coming (the connexions were dropping slowly). And my hypothesis is that the author(s) of the attacks was/were trying to perform his/their attack when my firewalls were at the same time stopping their entering connexions. That is pretty much all. I'm waiting for your remarks and suggestions. I will publish soon a detailed guide on how to perform the solution proposed here on Windows and Debian cores (if it's agreed by the community). Kind regards,
  16. Ohh interesting ! Yes the code is not clean yet, I will follow your suggestions and do all these optimisations very soon. For the merge to vanilla, it would really be nice but the code need to be nicer first in my opinion. As I have already said, I will try to do the needed improvements and come to you very soon In addition, this dictionary is really awsome to perform the mod ! I will take a look ! Thanks and cya !
  17. Hello ! I have recently written a very little mod which provides asciimojis for 0ad chats, and I found it good to share it :) The mod can be found on github at https://github.com/Atepir/AsciimojisFor0ad (please follow this link to get the latest versions) or here as attachment. All the download, installation and usage instructions and implications can be found on my github repo https://github.com/Atepir/AsciimojisFor0ad. If you have suggestions, I would be happy to improve the mod :) Kind regards, mod.zip
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