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  1. Forgot to mention: At the beginning of this annoncement, there's a strange word (gratis) instead of it's english version "free". Whoever wrote that part forgot to translate it lolol
  2. Fascinating. I didn't even know they'd launch it today! Anyway, I'm sad that I won't be able to dance anymore... But I'll make sure to learn this whole new thing fast. I'm sure those graphics and the new in-game improvements won't dissapoint me. The only thing I need to point is that using Torrent as the only way to acquire 0AD for Windows is really frustating... Since it doesn't give you any folders, but a whole compiled .exe program instead. It might become annoying in the future for installing mods maybe, but I'm not sure if that's correct. Anyway, I haven't even launched the game yet, so let me test it, and hopefully start crushing some noobs soon!
  3. Today I was trying to login to the 0 A.D. Lobby until a message in red appeared. It said "the stream has been closed by the server"". I don't know what does that mean, and I'm afraid that I could be banned from there. Can I get some help about it?
  4. Hello, I would like to report a player that quitted my 1v1 rated game without resigning. It happened around 20 minutes ago. His username is LegionVC I can prove that it happened because I have the replay. Thanks, iiLeonn.
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