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  1. Sometimes miss mesh, sometimes miss animation or bone. I think the basic reason is maya doesn't support dae format. I use plugin that can import/export dae file.
  2. Thanks for reply. I have used the tool you made. It seems the problem is from maya itself.When I import dae file, maya always miss something. I don't know what maya done with export, but I can export mesh without problem. Btw, my maya version is not student version.(But now I consider using blender for game mod)
  3. @EnriqueDo you know how to export animation from maya? I always get this error:
  4. Thanks, I will do that You are right!! Actually, I found the solving from wiki "AnimationExportTutorial" ?! That explain how the attachpoint works. And you need to notice that the attachpoint you defined need to named like "prop_XXXX" and parent the mesh. And you can use your custom name to the xml file The attchpoint will attch the prop mesh's pivot, so be aware when you edit the prop mesh.
  5. I found the reason ,Thx all
  6. I tried it before, and I always can't find the attachpoint from the mesh file. Here is a case: And I open the mesh file: There is no object named "root". So who define the attachpoint???
  7. The thing is, I add a object to the game. when I set up the actor and mesh, I tring to add a prop to mesh. And I notice that the wiki say: So I create a locator. (I use maya) And a edit actor file like this: And I failed... But I never give up! I open one of the actor file from game. And I just copy one of them to my actor. It works??? Somebody can explain the magic?
  8. OPEJ

    Map size

    OK,I will try it. Wait! I think the problem is not from the bahrain.js after I review the logs. The mapscript didn't load when OOM happend. mainlog.html
  9. OPEJ

    Map size

    That mean I have to add a messagebox for each procedure in bahrain.js to find out the problem.Right?
  10. OPEJ

    Map size

    I couldn't understand that why It "out of memory"? I'm sure my computer has enough RAM for it.
  11. OPEJ

    Map size

    oh...I just press "generate map". For now, only "Bahrain" would always get this error. I am still testing other maps. Sorry for my bad English that misinterpret what you say...
  12. OPEJ

    Map size

    Thanks,After I look over the script of map. I think I need more time to analyze script. I will wait for that change:D
  13. OPEJ

    Map size

    I have a noob question, where can I find the error message. They just appeared and gone... Thanks for explain.I really hope it can use mutiple core for mapgen. I don't want my others core just wait and see...
  14. OPEJ

    Map size

    @(-_-) You'r right . After I test my custom size of map. It took me a loooong time during the mapgen . And sometimes will get a fail gen(I am still figuring what's wrong). Anyway ,it is hard to build a super large map... But I hope it can be simple in the future. Because I am planning to make a ww1 mod, with bigger weapon,railwaygun warship...etc. Btw,do u know which hardware be used during mapgen?? I found that only few core of cpu deal with that...
  15. OPEJ

    Map size

    @asterix Thanks! It really help me a lot!!!
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