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  1. To limit the abilities, couldn't they be made in a json file? Like a technology but more versatile. Or is that what D281 is trying to do? The upgrade component could be used as an 'adder' or 'trigger' to add the temporary ability/tech to a separate manager (or at least be able to). A separate GUI object should be created to hold and handle abilities, IMO.
  2. When you drag select, hold the I button. It's just there to help grab things from a crowd with the mouse. The Period, Forwardslash, and Backslash will select an idle unit without the use of the mouse.
  3. If there a select all hotkey? Like select all, all military, all citizen-soldiers, all females... not an idle-key but a general grab of all? @gameboy when you hold the mouse button down to highlight an area, hold I To select all idle on the map, just hold Alt and press \ (Backslash)
  4. I updated that post to get rid of the declaration. If I find something I'll report it. Only thing in A22, that I've noticed was that the minus symbol doesn't remove it from both of the class tags. Which kinda works as intended but if aura and techs look at both. I'm not sure about the svn.
  5. In delenda? I think I had to add some tags to the statue template (DropsiteGlory, Resource). I think that was just to get my edited version of petra to build them though. I think the support_slave template was missing the worker tag in the moddb version of delenda. I think it was using Gatherer but petra doesn't seem to check for that specific class, just Worker. The support_female_citizen file I have has an indent in it so it looks like I added worker there as well? I doubt that. I'm pretty sure I had to add some tags to get some aura's and tech's working properly.
  6. Looking for that function found me plenty of examples, thank you. Looking into that, it seems you're right... Great now, I'm curious how I fixed hyrule and delenda. Update: Oh I remember, I had to add the <Classes> tag with the proper class so petra would use it. Market to BarterMarket, ect...
  7. From what I can tell, in the svn, it is just CitizenSoldier in the Classes tag and separated in the VisibleClasses tag. The AI looks at the <Classes> tag. It does say classes in the wiki's tech&aura pages but every mod I've seen (not many really) seems to get it confused with visibleclasses. The 'if I see it; the game sees it' or 'beauty before usability'... kinda mentally.<Looks at both. Anyway, point of post: Anyone familiar with entity collection? I can't for the life of me figure out how to get all the entities around a specific position. Array = getEntitiesAround( pos, maxRange );
  8. Instead of an animation couldn't a rotation/pathfind around an axis be done? The ship would just move like normal but prepend the rotation path to the beginning of it's movement queue. If no path available, break immersion. Basically shift clicking a turn path for the ship then adding the destination point. idk
  9. Are citizen soldiers class 'Citizen' and class 'Soldiers' or just: "CitizenSoldier'? I'm seeing this separation of the two in a few json files. Female inspiration for the SVN. Yet the template unit infantry file has CitizenSoldier as the class. #Edit nevermind. Indexof just looks for an occurrence in the whole string.
  10. Wow, I notice the inconsistency part of the hybrids. "!Foundation+BriarRuin" works the same as ["!Foundation BriarRuin"] (I was using that one). The logic gets flipped upside down. I've switch to the one below. Thank you for linking me that post and file. I've bookmarked D977 to use as a reference for future techs/auras. "affects": [["!Foundation","BriarRuin"]],
  11. I didn't know the not symbol worked. Thank you very much. The 'call of the briar' aura is working perfectly now. I kinda lost hope when I couldn't get it to work how I wanted. I'm liking what I got. A hawk scout trainable from an outpost and stones that turn into champion pikemen after about a minute or so... that's about it at the moment but progress.
  12. I only want it to be gathered (and to decay) when it's completely built. The gathering part is working fine. I figured when a resource was used up, it's considered dead. That's not what happens and that is perfect. I got the foundations to stop committing suicide by adding that to the special filter and setting it's regenrate to 0.0 as well. Thank you very much. I couldn't block the aura from affecting the foundation but I'll just leave the decay increase to a tech.
  13. Oh okay I figured it out. Thank you. I can even reduce the price of the tech (and increase the time) when you get it from the unit instead of the building. That's pretty neat. I've got a spawn entity on death problem atm. I think the idea isn't going to work. Basically, I've got ruins that you can build, they also work as stone mines. Thing is I want them to decay over time (I've got that one working), when it dies it spawns a solider that you can only get from these stones (unless you unlock the tech to train them from the barracks). My problem is if you set the foundation and walk away, a soldier spawns automatically. The soldier doesn't spawn when the resource is depleted (which is good). It just spawns automatically from just setting the foundation and waiting a few seconds. :/ Would a degen aura work instead or is there a way to add the entity on death part when the building is build? I'm kinda liking the degen aura as placing several near each other should stack right?
  14. Another question: Is it possible to give a unit a tech? For my hero, I want to give him a tech upgrade that will increase the attack of all units of a certain type. I want it to be a pair tech, increase attack or decrease train time. The other hero will be increase building hp or decrease build time. I don't think I've seen this done before so I figured I'd ask.
  15. I've noticed that after an attack fails on the enemy, they just sit there. You seem to have to tell them to attack again in the diplomacy menu. I'm not sure if they switch back to economic focus and stay there or if they even try to manage the economy after that. It could be they call all citizen-soldiers to join the fight and take a heavy drop to the economy. I don't know but it gets annoying when you think you have help clearing the map in conquest and you're stuck doing everything.
  16. I was going to use the term Octember but I doubt anyone would get that reference. Basically, A23 will break a lot of mods with the template changes that's going on and this is going to need maintaining then anyways. Get it stable enough to run on A22 and patch it if you feel like it. We don't know when the actual release date is and they still want more content before then. If it's usually 2 releases a year and it's been 3 months... 3-5 months? That's not a long time for a release of a game, even an alpha update. Plus, that's only 3-5 months that this mod would be run-able.
  17. I don't think anyone is really expecting an upkept mod at the moment - A23 release is somewhat kinda right around the corner. Call it an alpha mod for an alpha game. If you don't update it we'll probably do it ourselves or assume your working on a 23 version.
  18. Traps would just be a small aura that damages units. You'd just have to set blockMovement to false and they'd walk over it. A mod could easily be made without any change to the way things are (the AI wouldn't build it but that's a really minor addition to defenseManager). Would the AI know they are being damaged and move out of the way?
  19. https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est Looks like it's getting ready for A23
  20. I might have to give this a try. It seems simple enough. Plus, it will give me an ideal on how to mod. I mainly just want to mess around with the AI - nothing really usable or big just something to do when I'm bored. My own little civ with techs and stuff would be neat to test the code I make. Thanks for the links. I didn't even know those kinds of pages existed. I've got annoying fantasy themed ideas in my head. Glad to hear I'm not quite delusional. Of course the models will just be what's provided in A22. I probably don't need to copy them. I should just be able to place them in the template and 0ad should grab them from public. Thanks again.
  21. Would it be possible to have a unit become a resource supply as/when it dies? Basically a wood sprite or something that when above say 10% health it is just a normal unit. When it gets below that (or more likely just dies), it becomes a resource supply for wood. Cruel... yes but is it possible to make something with this feature? Something like a promotion when damaged maybe? An aura that triggers on death and turns it into a non-moving 'tree-sheep'? It'd be a Gaia unit like the naked fanatic spawns on some maps. I have no plans to make this I'm just curious as to how and if it is even possible. It might be possible with a map trigger idk.
  22. This works with svn? Do I need to copy the svn's tortoise folder to a new one or... can I just paste it in the mod folder there without breaking the update function of tortoise? It took me 4 to 5 hours to download. If I have to do it again less then a week later I'll cry. Extracting public.zip and defragmenting the folder I put it in sped 0ad up quiet a bit for me at least (probably just the defragment really). You may want to defrag the cache files as well that could be a problem if you're slowing down a bit. If it's the first time loading a mod or map the cache is filled (I think the first time and not everytime). A lot of junk gets moved around. Computers just look for empty space on the hard drive and shoves it in it there. Check pyrogenesis.exe page fault number in task manager and see what it says. If it's 1 million (or somewhat relatively close to it), you might want to defrag the folders. Defraggler has a defrag folder option and the newer windows might by default IDK. The hard drive works fast but with a program that requires a lot of files, that could mean a tiny slowdown for everyone of them. I think the cache contains some what compressed version of it.
  23. The thing that got me confused is can the units walk through them and what will elephants (and other big units) look like doing it? They are probably gates. So they should be able to. They will probably ignore the poles though and walk through them. Wouldn't the walls get a bit annoying. I don't think you can make the mouse ignore that there is a building there. It'd kinda suck to be forced to drag a wall to the best storehouse spot and then wait for it to be built... just to then build a storehouse and get started. You could technically program in an auto-linking wall system from building to building. Then it'd have to check for impassibility before allowing the building to be built (slow and most-likely inaccurate). It may also end up walling the player in and them not knowing where anything is. And aqueducts would only really make sense on flat land. Hills may raise eyebrow. If the ability to edit terrain was an option, I would of recommended streams and ponds being generated instead. Hills would probably lead to a problem. I really like the idea and it'd be neat to see it in action. I just don't know if it'd work out as well as you think.
  24. Main thing I liked about delenda was the paired upgrades (storehouse, blacksmith, market). The blacksmith allowed a bit more specific focus. It should still contain some 'general boosts' but I think it did that. I also liked the cost reduction technologies that they had. I really liked the increases to unit health as well. I think it was 5% than 10% and it was paired with training time (or cost)? Idk, I have svn installed and can't check this stuff atm. For 0ad as it is now: The age 2 techs for the civic center are a bit bare. More techs could be added. A pair of reduced building/tech cost and more building heath/reduced build time. The ability to build storehouses in neutral territories would be amazingly useful. I wouldn't have to waste wood just to expand my territory so I can place a storehouse next to the darn trees. Delenda shouldn't replace what we have now, the ideas of it and some civs could be added to it though. I think someone is uncoupling a few of the civs for 0ad extended? The AI can easily be adjusted to check for the techs. If it increases build/train time: it's a bad tech. If it increases cost: it's bad. If it reduces either one of those, it's good. If the good out ways the bad. It's good. I haven't check the current researchManager so I'm not sure if it even needs to be edited/added-to like delenda did.
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