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  1. hello i just wont to ask is it possible to make the turnings in a ship whit a animation not just like a robot becaus it a immerson braker for me
  2. Sorry guys I don't trust you
  3. And guys and don't understand you quite well don't be mad and I'm not now on my PC Thanks
  4. My OS is Windows 7 gpu is 750 vram my CPU Intel core is 530 2.9 GHz (something like that) and 2 GB RAM
  5. Hello guys, when i start a game i get a massage like warning and then a error when i screenshot F2 i cant see it Help
  6. wtf i screenshooted a error report and its not there
  7. and if the high ranking units fall or the heros the low ranking units will run (inspierd form the Romans) and if the hero is there the units will not run or there will be like flag carriers (something like that) if the enemy captured them the solderts who lost it will lose moral
  8. and that you can fear the enemy like in a anbush if the units are week or low level thay will run for ther lifes and if you attack the enemy from the back you will get a bonus
  9. yes and thay can desert and be captured
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