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  1. Very beautiful to read, but in general terms everything needs money, even for servers. So why not use for merchandising purposes? Mb u can afford more expenses if u get from cups, clothes, poster extra money. Its not only about love, u can keep loving a free open source company and make those things.
  2. I would buy some 0AD t-shirtr or some stuff about it. Public relations department or some ppl who knows about merchandising will help a lot. Also i told to elexis long time ago, normally in all games, or some money games , u dont see the connection and disconnection inside the lobby or menu, that indirectly encourages u to disconnect from the game. We eat mayo here, no ketchup. Peace
  3. Me llaman Michael Jackson, soy el jefe de la danza. Resolveré tus dudas con ello. He encontrado una manera efectiva de beneficiar a mi parkinson, me encanta. Bailar es vida, bailar es amor. De todos modos estoy de acuerdo con sus puntos, excepto la selección de modo. Actualmente encuentro esa característica muy bien agregada, tal vez porque me acostumbré. Paz.
  4. Gooddd joob man, wonderfull work! I hope they will implement on next alpha, if they do i will see u there. Ate logo gordo travestido.
  5. the incomparable, the fierce, the one that will troll you, the one that sweats it all... CAMELIUS. UGANDA TIMEZONE, neighbour of some good players like kizitom. I AM the guy who loves the code of elexis.
  6. camel


    Come someone unban me, I dont know who can do that. I am Camelius.
  7. It´s called nuclear, nice troll elexis. About what boudica said, i give him the reason. Those games were very funny and especially interactive, not only between ppl who beated, more ppl were talking about them and giving their opinions.
  8. It wont happen again, we were beting games just for fun, that´s all´.
  9. nice to know that. i had some fails to load and change between them. could be that
  10. ye, can be possible delenda is broken. i had to install twice so could be that. thx
  11. what is the problem temple? maybe i did something wrong.
  12. a22 style. 1 game borg won, i won second and the third one, unfortunately his internet went down. Rly bad luck because i think i could won the last fight of 24cavs vs 17 and 2 slingers with almost no scape, unless he lost some cavs if i remember well. Sometimes happens the network, so sumering very happy for my first victory against borg. Legal guy, he missclicked in the game i won which the rank didnt count, so he made other one and insta loose for that. (if anyone has read until this, it means is very bored) 1.game.zip 2.game.zip 3.game.zip
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