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  1. Since yesterday update I can't build structures affected by Changeset 24217 (Outposts, towers, CC, Fortress, etc.) It throws me this error: Assertion failed: "el_size != 0" Location: wdbg_sym.cpp:848 (dump_sym_array)
  2. Copio todo el código para que se entienda. Para probarlo simplemente se puede poner MaxDistance en un edificio y al colocarlo tira un warning. if (this.template.Distance.MaxDistance) { var dist = +this.template.Distance.MaxDistance; var nearEnts = cmpRangeManager.ExecuteQuery(this.entity, 0, dist, [cmpPlayer.GetPlayerID()], IID_BuildRestrictions).filter(filter); if (!nearEnts.length) { var result = markForPluralTranslation( "%(name)s too far from a %(category)s, must be within %(distance)s meter", "%(name)s too far from a %(category)s, must be within %(distance)s meters", +this.template.Distance.MinDistance); // <---- This line result.success = false; result.translateMessage = true; result.parameters = { "name": name, "category": cat, "distance": this.template.Distance.MaxDistance }; result.translateParameters = ["name", "category"]; return result; // Fail } }
  3. I've found probably a copy paste error in BuildRestrictions.js. At line 302 says: +this.template.Distance.MinDistance); but it must say +this.template.Distance.MaxDistance); It is right? @elexis
  4. I think that the AI must have an auto-scout feature. Not sure if human player too.
  5. Persian Stables xml don't have the Barracks class, it's replaced with Stables. <Entity parent="template_structure_military_barracks"> [...] <VisibleClasses datatype="tokens">-Barracks Stables</VisibleClasses> Maybe both classes sounds better. Anyway, if we have temples and monks, I don't see the point of this tech. Could be removed from the stables and barracks. (Sorry for my English)
  6. When Living Conditions is researched, units heals in the barracks, but not in the stables. To fix this in heal_barracks.json we can change "affects": ["Barracks"] to "affects": ["Barracks", "Stables"] heal_barracks.json
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