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  1. https://lang.smugmug.com/Toy-Soldier-Collection/i-Bh833CJ
  2. @LordGood he replace only the name "Mycenaeans" with "Archaic Greeks", it's right @Zophim?
  3. @Lion.Kanzen i found a photo of jordanian men "recreating" nabatean military dress: And i didn't use @Apkallu shield because it look more kedarite than nabatean: Hubal was the kedarite principal god, Dhushara was the principal god of nabateans but i don't know what symbol i can use for Dhushara. If you like Apkallu's shield we can use it .
  4. @fatherbushido I don't know what files i should edit(i already edit this "special_war_horses" and still not working)...
  5. Just a edit to look like Total War II icon:
  6. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I really like these ideas, but i am very noob to do most of this ideas at this moment ... I can try with stall building, but i compared stall xml file with the house xml and i don't know how to convert the stall to a house-like building... We can use the mercenary camp to do this. I suggest to use the Qasr Marid as a fortress:
  7. @Lion.Kanzen do you have a shield template?
  8. It's a great idea! Will you do Syracuse/italiote mini civ?
  9. Guys I got a strange bug (look to the top corner): But when i select other civ and select nabateans again, only appears the civ centre:
  10. Just a try with persian placeholder and akkadian/sumerian structure names:
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