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  1. Don't get all excited yet, it won't be till in the fall. As usual, I'll keep you guys up to date on the challenge. I know Paul was interested in the last one. Last year's winner from Stanford.
  2. Hey ZeZar! Good luck with your CS competition.
  3. I guess I mostly remember everything, but items that are far away writing them on a calender helps. Google's Calender is a neat new tool they just introduced.
  4. lol, that's an awesome letter John. and nice responce to their letter Bobby. That's awesome.
  5. I was away from the computer for most of the day, but thanks for posting a thread about it. Happy Easter everyone.
  6. Yea, currently it links to hidden parts of the forums that display the content on the site, so normal members don't have the permissions to see them. We're looking into fixing it.
  7. haha, google romance. Think Geek (look on the left side and some of the items when you add them to the cart)
  8. That's a beautiful video! Those are some awesome guns there.
  9. Here's some funny pictures of excessivly overloaded cars, bikes, trains. http://www.ezprezzo.com/crazypics/overloaded.html
  10. March 14 today! (3/14) Anyone have some fun activities at their school? The math class next door had a pie eating contest, and a pie throwing contest! Unfortunatly our teacher wouldn't let us bring food. But that didn't stop me from wearing my PI t-shirt!
  11. Haha, interesting poll Abby. Yea, I have to agree...throwing up would be pretty bad.
  12. Haha, that's so messed up. They're not getting our gatos!
  13. Yea, that's been one of the funniest things in the Late Night televison shows (Leno, Stewart, Connan, Letterman). The real shooting that is. Clever one of Tim.
  14. I watched some bobsleding. That was pretty cool, and so was the snowboarding. I only caught a little of the hockey game of Finland v Canada, but it looked intense. Better than pro hockey.
  15. Most of us in the United States are probably getting Friday and Monday off for Lincoln and Washington's birthdays. It's nice to have a 4 day weekend. Hope everyone has fun.
  16. Saw part of the opening yesterday, looks awesome in HD with all those fireworks.
  17. You're right, I'm sure other counters have things that we think are dumb too. Dosen't necessarily make the people dumb, just silly traditions that who knows started them. They aren't any groundhogs out here in California, just gophers.
  18. The reason why I say they are the BEST, which is only my opinion, is that they are not meant to be mobile. You can't carry around the amp, the adapter, ect. to use in other things. That is why I said they are good for a COMPUTER where you don't move them around. My headphones are not the BEST for mobility, as I already said, but are just fine for me and my computer and my budget.
  19. Now this is our American groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil! Here's a little rhyme that goes with it:
  20. Speaking of EBaums, there are plans to make a TV show on one of the networks (don't remember which one).
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