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  1. I like the desolate feel of the first few pictures. I't's very different than the maps we're used to seeing. It would be nice to fight on an 'apocalyptic' scenery like this. I agree that there are probably too many skeletons (though a few adds a sense of impending doom). I'm not sure why the green hill/mountain at the center is surrounded by walls. I also like the snowy mountains scenery with a lot of ice and rocks. Nice touch with the snowman, though personally I find it distracts from the serious tone. Hope this helps.
  2. I have installed the SVN and am able to play as Alpha 18 that way. If you have Linux and are impatient, that is the way to go And yes, congrats on the great work guys!!
  3. Linux repos don't seem to have updated yet. I'm downloading it on the mac for now.
  4. Would this be achieved simply through the texture map or would meshes have to be reworked? I could probably take care of this myself if it's just a question of modifying the texture. Also, I do love the vegetation the way it is, and now I've developped an eye for finding those berries.
  5. I think this is an important topic, albeit a difficult one to address due to the complexity of the community working on it. I'm sorry to see comments like 'history is boring' on this forum, because historical accuracy is a central element in this project. I'd love to see more specific suggestions and links to tutorials that could improve the knowledge and understanding of the artists working on the game. I myself am skilled with programs like Gimp, but have no experience drawing textures for games like this, so I would have to learn the basics before I could contribute. One specific point I had trouble with was finding the bushes with the berries on the mainland map. Everything seems to be the same color in the vegetation. This could probably be improved with a few tweaks in the colors of the surrounding vegetation? Or it all could be a case of "The grass is greener in the other game"
  6. This topic goes into the details: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19426#entry301617
  7. Salut Polmtop, I am french-canadian, living in Québec, welcome aboard. The thing I would have most liked to know when I first started playing 0ad was the strategy for building a good economy. I now start off my games by sending the horse-rider off to capture the chickens, which brings in a trickle of food. Then I send the women to gather fruit from the bushes and the men I usually have gather wood. I'll start spawning more women from the town centre, and get them to help with the food production. I'll send one of the women off on a building spree to make houses, and one to build a farm next to the bushes. Then when I have enough women working on food, I'll send the next batch of women to cut down trees. If you start like this you'll be likely to have a stable economy early on in the game and hopefully won't run out of resources when you try to build or spawn new units. I hope this helps.
  8. French Canadian here. Just like cousins. Bienvenu Alekusu!
  9. Thanks for the info. I have Blender on my macbook too, and it has the Collada import option, so I'm using that comp for the moment. I also found this page on the wiki which answers a lot of the questions I had: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Basic3DImplementation Thanks again! This is a really beautiful game and I've been playing it more and more the past weeks. What I love most about it is its openness and the fact that you can improve it and benefit from other peoples' improvements. Seeing this grow is a treat.
  10. I'm confused. I have version 2.69 of Blender on Ubuntu 14.04 and Under, file, import, there is no Collada option. The first option on the list is Motion Capture. Has something changed? Aslo, I can't find any .dae files, where are they? So, I'd love to get started, but I can't seem to figure out the basic first step :-(
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