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  1. Read through https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/XML.Entity.Traits.Armour It provides a description and an example how Armor works.
  2. Here is the ticket everyone is talking about: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/252
  3. I did test it again, it works for me with NEO 2 on arch. I'm not sure if I just remembered an old version or used the wrong hotkeys back then. (On both the last Alpha 22 and a somewhat recent svn build.) Thanks for the patch, I'll keep it in mind if I ever have troubles again.
  4. Are there any workarounds for those non qwert* users? I'm one as well and wonder if there is existing documentation.
  5. Battle Realms (2001) had this feature as well. You could attack the opponents ranged units and force them into mêlée. Here a “Master Warlock” is forced to use his claws to defend against two “Kabuki Warriors”. I did love that feature as well, adding not only realism (to a world of flying skeleton mages and werewolves) but also the option to catch unguarded ranged units. (The are even forced to engage in melee, you can't just shoot a different enemy while someone is hacking at you with a sword.) Edit: However, it is a feature that may require more micro than 0ad aims for. For reference: 30 Units per player is the default pop. cap. in Battle Realms, it can be turned up to 40 pop. cap. for larger matches.
  6. I think that would make a nice change to the main game as well. I would strongly prefer it over the current system. If it isn't approved for 0ad, would you want it in your mod anyway? (Technology trees are a feature I would like to implement (After I did some other stuff to familiarize myself with the codebase.)) Sorry about the miscommunication: I understood that perfectly well, but I was wondering, whether the engine (pyrogenesis/0ad) already supports that type of dependency. It doesn't really matter. There is stuff to implement and that just adds an extra detail.
  7. Drawing the web procedurally still does not account for the orientation. (It could be randomly flipped from left to right) Some additional Information needs to be given. But the implementation details will be up to the person implementing them anyway. I like the tech web as well. With the massive amount of technology I suspect “tech mod” to ship, one tree per building is appropriate. Other mods might want to use less trees. (Assuming the implementation is flexible enough to be reused.) To prevent some micro on research: When considering the technology tree of the blacksmith, there isn't really a reason to bind it to a specific blacksmith. (As you won't use the blacksmith to recruit units.) The number of blacksmiths in play determines how many technologies may be researched at once. Any of them should be able to take orders for all of them. This applies to all research buildings which do not produce units. One further note on engine requirement: The 2nd level Technology “Archery“ depends on only one (“Smelting” or „Glowing Sword“). Is that something already supported?
  8. It already does, you can change the mod using the little gray cog. I like it as well :-) Even without game integration it is nice to have. Edit: Ninja'd :-/. The information is read directly from the mods, which are mirrored in his git repository. https://github.com/s0600204/0ad-techtree-v2/tree/master/mods/0ad
  9. (German version below) Usually, if there is a [Patch], there is already a patch proposed. In this case (and in several others, sadly) the patch was submitted 14 month ago and no further work was submitted to trac. Thus your chances are high, that you can work on the ticket. Using the existing patch as a base probably helps. You could post your intention to work on it on trac (#1419) and ask if anyone knows what happened to mackeul (who submitted the original post). When in doubt, ask in #0ad-dev. A web interface can be found on http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev if you don't have an IRC client installed. (German version) Wenn bei einem Ticket ein [Patch] vor steht, dann gibt es normalerweise schon einen Patch. Leider gibt es viele Patches, die nicht fertig gemacht werden, und dann im trac rumliegen, ohne jemanden, der für sie sorgt. Dieser Patch sieht auch so aus, schließlich hat sich vor 14 Monaten das letzte mal jemand ernsthaft daran beteiligt. Ich würde an deiner Stelle in das Ticket 1419 kommentieren, dass du am Patch arbeiten möchtest. Dann kannst du vermutlich den Patch von damals als Grundlage nehmen um einen aktuellen zu bauen. Viel Erfolg dabei, wenn du fragen hast kannst du in #0ad-dev auf irc.quakenet.org fragen. Die Entwicklung vom Quellcode läuft ehr über trac und den chat als über das Forum.
  10. Well, is there something that you don't like about 0ad? Is there a feature that would amaze you? Pick one, check with some people, file a ticket, write code, submit a patch. More precisely Well, picking one, go wild.Ask on #0ad-dev if they would accept that feature (stay around, you don't get immediate answers!). Or open a forum thread, but I guess that is even slower.If they like it, open a ticket on trac, to keep track of development and provide a place to comment.Write code, don't be afraid to ask, people are nice on #0ad-dev. (at least towards me )Submit a patch with your feature to trac (your ticket). Prepare for criticism.Code some more, to appease the critics, then go back to the previous point until the patch is accepted.Or even better: If you can figure out how to fix a bug, then it doesn't require any creativity and you aren't likely to be rejected, as with certain features. Keep in mind that I am not part of anything official. This is just what I am currently doing. Edit: feuneur was refering to the simple tasks found over there: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~simple&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&report=16&order=priority
  11. Wouldn't some converter program work as well? Do stuff in (old) Max → convert it to Collada.
  12. I guess you can just count that one as a win, especially since you were about to win anyway. IMHO, you leave — you loose. On that account, I don't think you should be able to leave the game without resigning. That is just an unnecessary distinction. Why are those buttons kept separately anyway? (Should be “resign” when you play and “leave” when you observe.) Edit: I didn't play 0ad multiplayer yet, so I was unaware about the existing rankings as Itms kindly pointed out to me on IRC. Edit2: There are changes planned, by the way. But currently no one is actively working on it. (AFAIK)
  13. I expect that Alpha 18 will allow you to select only idle units using a hotkey. (Not just one idle unit, all idle units inside the rectangle you highlight.) Technical details can be found on http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2407. Do you believe this can solve the issue?
  14. You aren't the only one thinking that :-) Hopefully you will be able to select idle units only in A18, then click on the women. (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2407) Patch isn't in for A17, due to the feature freeze. The patch mainly rewrites some parts of the selection code which makes it easier to add more selection options later on. Here are some things I could imagine: Button for random idle worker ⇒ Selection option for all idle workers in selectionButton for random idle military unit ⇒ Selection option for all idle military units in selectionButton for random idle female ⇒ Selection option for all idle females in selectionKeeping them in pairs should also reduce brain overload. [/shamelessselfpromotion]
  15. Out of curiosity, what percentage of time is spend pathfinding?
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