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  1. New topic created with the files in bro.
  2. New topic with full files uploaded. check it out.
  3. Guys, here are a few XML files for the maps I have finished. along with some Images of things im working on. Stay updated for more maps..... suggestions welcome. Done: The Cove Desert Sands In progress: Valley of the kings Mayan Cenote Island The Canyon Brazil Desert Sands (2).zip The cove (2).zip
  4. No finished yet guys, Just thought id share the idea.
  5. Guys, take a look at this Mayan Cenote I created. Im going to make a map that resembles the mayan world. Please let me know if you wish to try it out when its done. meanwhile check out my "Valley of the kings" or "The cove" These are some maps Iv been making. Thanks
  6. Well let me know what your looking for (Map wise) and ill see what I can put together.
  7. Guys, Been working on a map called " The Valley of the Kings" a Giant 2 player map, When the valley is a hot spot for excavated goods (Stone,metal etc) Players must work hard as in the valley, there is no water. animal Husbandry & berries are the only means of food compete against your neighbor with open desert play. Let me know what you think... If people are interested, once its done, ill post the XML file. Suggestions welcome. J
  8. Check out my Desert Sands Map. Please let me know of any problems etc, one of my first I made.
  9. Guys, find the XML file over here. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18756 This is for the cove.
  10. Please find the XML file for my map that I created. Its called the cove. a LARGE map for 2 players. both sides have resources, but since the volcano erupted back in 0ad, it made a lush and fertile land. first one there to gain control, reaps all the rewards, but you must fight off your enemy! as they will be after the loot too. Check it out, give us some feed back on what you think, I have plenty more coming soon. - The Canyon - Desert sands - The divide Thanks guys. J The Cove.zip
  11. Hey, Yes I know, Im currently making them at work on my lunch, my times limited haha. As I said, I'm just getting used to the GUI. Once i start playing around abit more i can put more time in. Cant find the xml files, not sure where they are saved too. :-/
  12. Hey, Its 2 player, GIANT map. Gives players room to make huge settlements. Lots of abundant Food / Metal / Stone to be gathered. "The Cove" has a sweet spot, where; if you can make it there and survive, then you are in resource heaven, but the other play may beat you there first and fend off your approach. I only do GIANT maps... Thanks for the interest. Im just trying to figure out where the xml file is so i can upload the maps
  13. So far the animals in 0 A.D is great, However there are some things that would be awesome. Here is a list of things Id like to see personally: 1. Dolphins 2. Turtles 3. Monkeys Comment with your suggestions. Jfrankay
  14. Guys, Here is a few maps that I have been working on. Some are still in prep. Getting a bearing of the controls and GUI. Enjoy. Let me know what you think. - The Cover - Desert Sands - Valley of the kings - The Canyon Peace. Jfrankay
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