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  1. And female citizens?! Now that`s kidnnapping...
  2. The fortress will be able to fire arrows as well as produce military units I suppose, won`t it?
  3. Hello Ludo, could yo tell me which software you use to generally create artwork? And is it 3d or 2d?
  4. So will there be different lighting effects like in AoM there were erebus, anatolia, night etc or will there just be the default daylight ?
  5. Sorry... Actually I played a scenario with the mauryans but didn`t see about the greeks...
  6. So will there be a building like the fortress, palace or castle in any of the phases?
  7. The chinese faction looks great...thanks for the link
  8. You people think of everything, dont you... That`s why I beileve this is going to be an AWESOME game when its finally complete...
  9. Moving city centres could be provided to minor factions if they are included in the game like minoan, sumerian etc Ahem..Question... So how many ages will be there in the game? Four I suppose, up until Iron age?
  10. So there wont be any ancient chinese or japanese faction like shang, yamato or choson like AoE?
  11. Or you could just add these civs as minor ones which would only appear in scenarios and the like...
  12. Yes that`s what I thought as well... that would be probably the best way to use relics in the game
  13. How about the Greeks? Navy - Pentecounter, Trireme Infantry - ekdromoi - light infantry similar to militia, gymnitai - infantry upgradable to psiloi - light fast unit, hoplites, peltasts - range units, pezhetairos - spearman, shieldbearer, thorakite - armoured unit with sword, toxotai - archers Siege - battering rams, catapults, ladders Cavalry - light - kataphraktos, heavy cavalry, dismountable - hetairoi
  14. You could also include other civillizations as minor civs like sumeria, phoenicia, babylon who could appear in scenarios only etc while the romans, persians, mauryans could be major ones which would be available in random maps and death matches as well...?
  15. The water is nice but I was playing a random map and I noticed the wild elephants, they looked as if they were floating on the land and water instead of walking while the elephant units trained by me walked just fine with moving legs. Could anything be done about this...?
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