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  1. I clicked on the link and realised, that it brought me to a thread I created myself. Time flies so fast ...
  2. Just out of curiosity (and because I like to play the game a bit more zoomed out ;-)), is there any possibilty to deactivate or modify this distance fog?
  3. Hey guys, why not combine both methods? I mean looking at Pureons mockups there is still enough space in the Match Setup Menu to integrate a button for something like "Show me the civs" right next to the civs dropdown menu. When clicking at this button you could get Michaels new AoM-Civ-Selection Submenu. With this design people who already know what they want to play can select their civ easy and fast while others who need some infomration about the civs can go to the extra menu.
  4. there is another Battle of Tannenburg in the first world war (1914)..well the german called it battle of Tannenburg, but if you are exact it wasnt at tannenburg - but they want to show that they've won at a place, where they had lose 500 years ago ... Great thing, congratulation !
  5. yes, I've made this tutorial-cinematic, imagening a rider running this street to the city, that would look really cool
  6. here is the tutorial-cinematic, rendered with atlas Download 8,6mb EDIT: nick: wfg pw: wfgmembersonly
  7. Nice Philip! In my opinion the lags are not my fault.... they starts when the camera is flying a curve...the cam doesnt move it stumbles there... EDIT²: If you do this high timescale+high framecount thing mentioned in the tutorial it is no problem And atlas crashed after some frames at my cinematic-tutorial-map, dont know why .... EDIT: If I reduce the settings it works... And we have now another great feature.... The first official 0ad-benchmark My comp needs 39sec for celt-snow on 25frames/1200bit The movie takes 11sec, so (25*11)/39 = 7 frames/sec Would be cool if we can change the resolutution too
  8. Another cool thing is, that the videos are made without enabled AA or AF, which would make them a lot prettier...(Atlas crashed when i tried to enable it for it, but 0ad normal works quite fine with it...)
  9. Specs: -Athlon 64 3200+ (Venice Core) -1024mb Ram 400Mhz 2,5 -Sapphire Ati Radeon X550 ( ) You can check the animations yourself, I think I've commited "new world animated", so just start atlas, load it, go to cinematic, select track01 and path01 nad node01 and click start. Imagine this with particles and triggers (moving units etc) would be ubercool
  10. and here is another one (from new_world_animated-map) Download 2,0mb
  11. Here I'll collect some of my cinematics. Crits and comments are welcome Maybe later we can put them together to a trailer. I'll also do a little tutorial in the near future Download 1,2mb
  12. ogre is a very good free OpenSource Game-Engine, with many possibilities. Look here: www.ogre3d.org
  13. Give it a try! http://www.daz3d.com/program/bryce/bryce5free.php Bryce is a nice (but a bit old) 3d-Program ...
  14. I`ll post this in several german art-forums, maybe there is someone out there...
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