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  1. Hi Pepsi! You see, over here you lose all of your mod powers against me.
  2. I have a question. Are we going to be seeing Moor and Berber Mercenaries as general mercenaries or units for Carthaginians? Or at all?
  3. YEs, but Ptolemaic Egyptians fit better into the timeline.
  4. I always find it ironic hopw Cannae is the turning point in the Second Punic War. I still consider it to be the greatest tactical battle in history.
  5. As a Texan, I am contractually obligated to say the Alamo.
  6. I would've rahter had Assyrians than Babylonians, but Babylonians are still cool.
  7. 1. Carthage 2. Iberians 3. Celts (4. Ptolemaic Egyptians )
  8. Hey egel, I know you. Nice to see more people I know coming here.
  9. The AOE1 Redux is just an idea. Here's some ideas me and other people have put together for one. http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums...t&f=9,29368,,20
  10. All right, thanks for clearing that up.
  11. I'd like to see Carthaginians fighting Romans or Iberians.
  12. I have a question about Carthage's army. Are the Sacred Band the only units actually from African Carthage?
  13. Ah well, that's too bad. I suppose you couldn't nudge for Egyptians to be included somehow? Hi, SGE, I've seen you around.
  14. I've gotten two emails like this and emailed both back saying they'll never make any money.
  15. Thanks everybody. And hey it's Mythos! Given any push for Age of the Agean to Wildfire Games yet?
  16. I was thinking some Mesoamerican wars. Aztecs vs. everyone else really.
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