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  1. the units look so crisp and good! I'm highly impressed! The buildings look sooo good! I highly suggest you add bloom effects! It'll hide inadequacies in your system (such as the low polygon horses someone noticed). ADD A SPECIAL ABILITY FOR FIRE ARROWS:p
  2. Isn't it? I had the same thoughts!
  3. I never liked Neyo THAT much, and I wasn't too much into RnB, but have you guys heard 'Because of You' (NeYo). Here's a link to the video on Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=l6GK_GvJVEY&mode=related&search= Man I wish I could dance like that!
  4. For me it was back in 2001 on WFG's home community at the Age of Kings Heaven's modding forum When Wildfire Games, then called Wildfire Studios anounced a successor to the Rome at War total conversion mod.
  5. A myspace for 0 A.D. would be good. It seems like all the developers are doing it. Its not really a hassle either. Just download one of those 'profile makers' and design at your leisure. Post a few videos, some screenshots, a nifty background and have someone check it everyday to weed out hateful comments. Woah I haven't posted here in ages. But Mythos keeps me up-to-date on your project:). Love it!
  6. Guardian


    They were pretty fun tho:p
  7. Guardian


    Hey guys, haven't been here in a while:|. I decided to stop by, this is a great community etc.., I'm just wondering, whatever happened to currency, rep., etc..? Those were pretty fun stuff:). Also, what's been happening lately? Besides the awesome new O A.D. site/screens.
  8. "(former) Iraq Information Minister: There is no such chicken trying to cross the road, and there never has been any such chicken." LOL
  9. Same thing for me. I even know that they say that lol..it sucks but i can't help it.
  10. I would change some report card grades that went wrong...
  11. Even worse- the big bad test at the end of the year!
  12. I got 103/100 on my Chemistry final exam .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . Man its like a dream come true lol- almost cried. Last year I was stuck in the 70s, this year I was stuck in the 80s for 4 terms and just managed to reach above 100 (all Qs correct + 3 points for a bonus Q). Thank the gods! How did you all do on your finals? I'm waiting for my Physics grade..hopefully ...
  13. yay i got 2 Qs wrong on my calc test. darn hell.
  14. lol I didn't get it...toiling? Oh- trolling. lol:)
  15. Hi and welcome, I'm the guy the mods love to pick on.
  16. Ah thanks:). Actually, this B-day sucks. Sure there are the presents 'n all, but I have final exams right now. Infact, I only just finished my Physics final...grrr...
  17. Pray hard. Ah don't worry Algebra isn't too hard- I don't know if you have Physics included in your curriculum for your grade, but Physics Final Exam is when you should REALLY be worried. The horror... *shudders*
  18. Ah its just a little swearing...you would be surprised on how many 12ers do that nowadays. If the mods don't like it tho, feel free to edit the topic.
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