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  1. I don't know of any new textures except the wall textures and the normal maps and specular maps I added a couple days ago.
  2. On my computer, it flickers between black and very dark according to the camera position.
  3. Myconid, can you post the settings you're using for baking the AO textures? I tried recalculating all the Roman buildings' AO textures and for some reason they're way darker than the ones Shield Bearer committed. Also, is there some way you can make the script load each actor and its prop actor files, so it can import all the props along with the main model, so the AO includes the props?
  4. Myconid, I looked at the AO that Shield Bearer committed (I think from your repository), and it looks like you really need to turn your samples up a bit. I set them to 20 for the Roman buildings, and I think that's about the minimum to keep there from being really visible noise.
  5. The props use different texture files for different bits of the buildings, so they can't be joined. Btw, are you going to replace the AO I've already done?
  6. The problem is probably that Blender doesn't like the DAEs having materials in them. Delete <library_images>, <library_materials>, <library_effects>, and near the bottom of the file, delete <instance_material>.
  7. The textures are shared between too many buildings to remove the parallax from even a small section of the texture. Is there some way that you could make it disable smooth shading when parallax is turned on or something?
  8. I just figured out that only faces that are set smooth are showing the artifact (I made the sides of the Roman walls smooth while doing AO for them, and the artifact was quite obvious on the broad side of them).
  9. I found another area on the camp with seemingly the same artifact. Also, on the log piles that are on a lot of the Roman buildings.
  10. Huh, I guess I actually didn't commit it... 0.o I'll do it when I get home, which should be within an hour. Edit: It would appear I forgot to commit the main actor. Try it now.
  11. myconid, when I tried putting parallax/normal mapping on the Roman army camp, it got some kind of weird artifact when viewing the inner wallish bit from the left side...
  12. Ahhh, I was wondering what that was supposed to be for. No, what I mean is I'm trying to bake AO on an building that has a *prop* with transparency (the Roman corral, specifically, though there are others with the same vines on them). When I bake it, even if I set it to Z transparency or raytraced transparency on the prop, it still acts like the polygons are opaque.
  13. While I was fiddling with the shaders, I noticed that the Roman civil center didn't have parallax on the front bit, so I tried adding it by setting the material to "player_trans_parallax_spec.xml", and it gave an error, so I looked at the file and found that out that it had what seems to be an old version of the parallax material setting, so I had to copy the parallax setting from "player_trans_ao_parallax_spec.xml" to the it. It worked after that, but it seems like setting the quality in local.cfg doesn't disable the parallax on the front bit, only the main model. Any ideas why that might be, myconid? Btw, I'm actually the one who made the roman_struct2 normal/spec maps. If you notice anything that looks wrong, then you should tell me, preferably on IRC since I don't check the forums that much. Edit: Also, does anyone know how to bake ambient occlusion with a transparent-textured object on top of the AO object? The way it's doing it for me, it acts like the transparent polygons are opaque. One more thing... is it impossible to have parallax on terrain?
  14. What would you suggest instead?
  15. About the multiple meshes in the DAE, the problem wasn't because there were too many objects, but too many meshes. Meshes like the ones that seem to be what are supposed to be prop points (the cubes that you can't select in Blender). I'm not sure how those got in there, or how to remove them, but in the other DAEs I exported from Enrique's blend, it didn't have any extra meshes, but FCollada (I think) caught some exception while loading it.
  16. Yeah, I noticed that after I posted, while talking to Spahbod on IRC... I tried removing the extra geometries and it caught an exception while loading it, just like the other two files I was trying.
  17. I tried it and it said it caught an exception while loading it. :\ To explain how to export it would probably require you to come on IRC. It usually takes me a bit of troubleshooting to actually get the game to load my animations properly.
  18. I tried putting it in the engine, but it said that it had too many objects to convert... I looked in the DAE and it seems like the only things in it other than the armature and mesh are a light and "VisualSceneNode". I tried removing those, but it didn't fix it.
  19. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but if I'm right, what you want to do is select the mesh and then the rig (in that order) and press Ctrl+P, and select "Empty Vertex Groups". What is it you're trying to attach to a bone? The rig actually looks pretty normal now. D'you want me to try and get it in the game again now, or are you going to do that?
  20. You have the export only selection option on? I don't normally use that. It does, they're just too small to see easily. It's attached, though I already tried exporting it into the engine, and made a skeleton for it, but it keeps saying I'm referencing nonexistent bones in the biped standard skeleton... Edit: Never mind, it's not attached... Now it is. dude_2.zip
  21. I just imported it and cleared the location and rotation of the bones (go in pose mode, select all the bones and press Alt-G and Alt-R), and now the origin is in the right place, though it looks like these bones are like what I used to get when trying to import the DAEs. Also, you should probably just delete everything but the mesh and the armature, since I don't think those extra objects have any purpose.
  22. Well, go ahead and tell me what I need to do! I've already tried importing one of the biped animations into Blender, successfully got it into the engine, but the problem is it turned out totally messed up... The problem, I believe, is that the current Collada importer in Blender (and the one in 2.49 too) imports the bones extremely inconsistently, sometimes rotating them to be totally horizontal or totally vertical, and sometimes appearing to put them in the right position... I tried joining all the important bones to the ones they were supposed to be connected to but it work. You could export the skeleton to the BVH format, and let me try to import it. (I imported one of the motion capture files in the art repository, and it looked OK, but the structure of the skeleton was wrong) About the IKs, it worked fine when I baked the animation to remove the constraints on the zebra (historic_bruno's idea ).
  23. It was better than some others I did, but I think it could've used better joints. (I'm not quite sure what would work well without making the poly count too high, but you could just try to make each joint have at least two rings)
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