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  1. So, will there be a central server like ESO for matchmaking eventually or is this not planned? If it is a monetary concern, I would donate money for the dedicated server(s).
  2. You're right, I still need to play some more to draw a better conclusion. My opinion is also extremely biased since I have played AOM/AOE for nearly 10 years
  3. Please just keep it like AOE 2. Of course that combat system can be improved too. You also have to realize that what looks cool is often times not the best for rts play, especially competitive (non scenario, high level 1v1 or 2v2) rts play.
  4. In case anyone was wondering, I have not given up on this project . I have exams at university now, but I am graduating early so I will be done here in 3 days (will have my BA in English). I'm going to start working on a Computer Science degree with a concentration in web dev/server stuff at my community college at home starting in the spring...but anyway, I did change the layout of the site and it looks pretty spiffy now. I won't be updating it more for a while until I upgrade the servers when I get home and add some more cool feature. I plan on starting getting actual data in there soon (i.e. ima start writing the parser and whatnot). Until then though I'm in Hitler's bunker studying for finals . -fiasco
  5. True. It's something to keep on the back burner though.
  6. I disagree. An RTS-game is about managing your resources well -- a decent player will either win or lose well before resources run out in a supremacy game. If there are ranked games implemented on multiplayer for example, then renewable resources should not be allowed. And since when does a tree grow back in 30 minutes anyway (if a game lasts that long).
  7. hhyloc: that's a good idea ; could act as a mini fortress of sorts, but I think there would have to be a limit on how many a player could build.
  8. Please do not make the trees grow back...and do not make anything renewable for that matter (except farms) -- at least not in supremacy games. I will have nightmares if this happens.
  9. wayyyy back in the early stages of aom you could get gold with Odin's raiding cav. if you attacked with them.
  10. Going to shutdown and re-tool this operation (I'll still keep the existing site up for now I suppose). Stay tuned for updates though.
  11. Hey everyone, I've been working on this http://0addatabase.zymichost.com/ for a little, but just wanted to share my progress so far. Feel free to give me suggestions or help me with this project too. I realize there are a couple other fan sites out there, but this project is intended to be a "more scientific" approach (i.e. this is intended to be a database for game stats rather than user content, mods, etc.). I wanted to create an original site from scratch to learn more about web dev and avoid any security issues with MediaWiki for example, as they are prone to hacks, etc. The site is probably months away from completion, but better to say something now lest someone else make a site like this and render my work useless . PS - going to upgrade servers and whatnot once I am out of school in a couple weeks; don't have cash or time to do that now. - fiasco
  12. Yes, please give a progress report! (Not that we don't believe your doing work since we know your working hard, just want to see the magic your doin' ).
  13. Hey, So I am new to Blender although I have some background in Computer Science and computer use in general. I am currently trying to work on this ticket 1017 but I am quite stuck in the abyss that is Blender. Just wondering if anyone was willing to chat with me about the exact steps I'll need to complete this task (we can chat in the IRC if we set a date to do it). I generally learn things pretty slow, hence me asking for help here despite having watched a ton of tutorials about Blender and whatnot. Please only offer help if you are willing to, as I don't want to waste any ones time with this since its not a very important fix for the game (that's the very reason I am working on it, since I can fight with it for a couple months ). I think I have harassed bruno, philip, and feneur about this to some extent, but I don't want to bother them anymore. I guess I should also say that I am NOT looking to become an expert in blender since I am by no means an artist; rather, I want to just worth with the existing stuff and try to tackle the ticket above. I think philip's idea of making the tree rotate 90 degrees might work since from what I understand its kind of like "cropping" (so to speak, since you can't just do that) the tree right above the bottom (to leave part for a stump) then you just gotta do some magic with a falling sequence/animation of some kind. Try to keep your answers to ones that you can help me directly please (i.e. posting links to blender tutorials probably won't help since my head might explode ). Appreciate any help for my nooby self though.
  14. Well I wasn't talking about APM really -- i'm talking more about overall speed of the game in terms of general quickness and familiarity with the game/gameplay. You would be surprised how when you play people online who think they are good you'll get accused of hacking or something for rushing at 6-7min.
  15. At the same time you really need to concentrate on competitive play. I understand that a lot of people play scenarios and campaigns and whatnot, but competitive play is the essence of any real RTS game. Just look at AOE2--the main reason people play that is because of its competitive play (they still have thousand $ tournaments). With that being said, adhering to historical style too much would be very harmful (it is a video game after all). Also, the battles are only balanced in campaigns because a lot of players are not that good who play them -- that is, just because people can beat you in a faster game does not mean the game is unbalanced. It merely means the players who win are [usually] better (not trying to be mean, but its true). This game won't get a good base of competitive players if games take 40 minutes to play, although I don't think they should hyper fast either. (Btw, Starcraft 2 is not historical...unless you are from the future ). @historic_bruno: do you think that territories should only be implemented in conquest? (meaning there should be supremacy and conquest). I think having territories is a good idea, but what about people who like to rush and build forward bases? I think territories align more with Rise of Nations, but considering a great deal of players come from aoe/aom it might limit the games appeal.
  16. hey, you might know me by my KRT_Fiasco account...anyway, I used to be a solid 1750 player but am a bit rusty now. I still play from time to time so let me know when your usually on and we can try for a game or two.
  17. Philip you should definitely make a developers blog for the funded work. Just add a tab at the top of the forum ribbon here
  18. EDIT: Pretty much what Mythos_Ruler said in the latter part of his post -- you should put AOM Greek style heroes in the game. The first option Mythos mentioned is a bad idea IMO...after all, realism can only reach a certain point in a video game I plan on posting a detailed pros/cons/what needs to be added list upon the next alpha release. I'll try to keep it to bullet points though since it doesn't help doing a 5,000 word post. Hopefully we could pin something to the forums here of stuff that should be added. This would make it easier to see; although not everything people want should be added, just core stuff (i.e. don't say you want dancing goats or flying pigs).
  19. Well not trying to argue, but it shouldn't take that long to build a house. it would be understandable if 3 vills made the building go faster but there's not a significant increase imo.
  20. @Mythos_Ruler that is a good idea, but perhaps name them good old Conquest (with the territory and) and Supremacy (normal)? Either way its shaping up to be good Fen, I'm not quite sure what you mean because its pretty easy to scout in the beginning if you just use the shift key to make your horse or other scout run to rally points. My gripe with the speed is for buildings; it takes forever to even build a house with 3+ villies! Also, I think some of the hunt move wayyy to fast...the deer can really haul a$$ lol
  21. Currently there is no true multiplayer server, although they are working on that for some time down the road. I think you can do LAN games atm, but bare in mind its not a full game yet, just an Alpha build.
  22. mythos_ruler, in regards to play testing what do you have in mind? I do not want to sound too blunt, but I think its a good idea if relatively "pro" RTS players test the game for the official balancing of the game. I would not consider myself pro, but I am fairly good. This would not be meant to exclude anyone from testing, but rather to balance the game as best as could be. By pro, I really just mean pretty good/extremely familiar with RTS play across a variety of games (like 1800+ if you know the AOM/AOT scale or like PR 34+ in AOE3).
  23. well I am quite certain the ELO rating is not that complicated* since a good deal of aoe/aom people have dealt with it (meaning they have either done stuff like ESO Fropco, simple elo for age3, etc...so I think it would be quite possible. *I for one could not do it
  24. fiasco

    health bar

    I have yet to investigate this for other units, but found this health bar bug on a cav.:
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