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missmatch model millenium ad.

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got some model missmatch when I play millenium ad, so far I've gotten them on all the factions, no idea why, someone knows how to fix this?

2020-08-01 (2).png

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Hey there,

Sorry I thought somebody had answered. It is because of some new animations unfortunately there is not much you can do except tear the mod apart and see if removing the offending files help :/

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probably some horse has new model and old animation or vice versa. 

First you need to find which actor is causing the error, best way is in actor viewer in atlas.


In case mod is using a24 horses/animations.

If animation is older

 you need to find and replace wrong animation with correct one from a24 or redone animation with corect number of animation keys.

If horses are older, you can replace them from a24.

If it has custom animations, not from a24, you would need to fix them by yourself to have correct number of keys. 

That should fix errors you get, but you should propose changes to mod itself if you manage to fix them. 

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