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Request to change some strings used in game

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There have been discussion on irc about some strings in game. Acording to author (irc nick: nad) they have not clear meaning. 

full log: http://irclogs.wildfiregames.com/2019-04/2019-04-30-QuakeNet-%230ad-dev.log

18:06 < nad> But the word can be translated into many different ways.
18:06 < nad> In other words, there is a lot of meaning.
18:06 < nad> It is necessary to specify.
18:16 < nad> "Cost" -> "Production Cost"
18:16 < nad> "Speed" -> "Moving Speed"
18:16 < nad> "Health" -> "Health Points"
18:16 < nad> "Gather Rates" -> "Gathering Speed"
18:16 < nad> "Loot:" -> "reward for the enemy when This unit is killed:" 
18:16 < nad> "Trained by:" -> "Production Building:"
18:16 < nad> "Builds:" -> "the structure that this unit can build:"
18:16 < nad> "Counters:" -> "Counters Ability:" or"Most skilled:"

and "Counters: 3x vs. Cavalry." -> "Counters Ability: It's 3x stronger in battle with the great cavalry." 


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The aim of those strings is not to be easily translatable but to be understandable by english speakers. For translation one always have to have a general knowledge of the game and consider the context of the string to choose the best matching possible translation.

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How about adding them to the Transifex glossary with a note where Translators comments can't be added in the source code?

It can get problematic when terms like "Speed" are used for healing speed, building speed, moving speed... those might need different translations in some languages. If we should get bug reports for those, we could add a gettext.h file and then use the pgettext function.

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