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How do I set them up? [Self-hosted lobby configuration question]

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How do I edit it? You should now be able to connect to this XMPP server using a normal XMPP client.
* Adjust `/etc/ejabberd/ejabberdctl.cfg` and set `CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH` to the directory where
  you want to store `mod_ipstamp`:
* Ensure the target directory is readable by ejabberd.
* Copy the `mod_ipstamp` directory from `XpartaMuPP/` to `CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH/sources/`.
* Check that the module is available and compatible with your ejabberd:
1.Where is 'CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH/sources/' ?
2.Where is CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH=/opt/ejabberd-modules, 'opt'?




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It wasn't me who wrote the instruction (which would be convenient to be linked to, btw, so other people would be in context: XpartaMuPP/README.md), but apparently it suggests you to:
1. select a directory, or use a default one if already set ("/opt/ejabberd-modules" in the example)
2. create "sources" subdirectory in it
3. copy mod_ipstamp directory in the "sources" subdir

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