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Age classifications for 0 A.D.

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Richard Hughes writes (probably with respect to the "GNOME Software Center"):


Hi again!

First, apologies again for the direct email. I'm emailing you directly as you've been listed as the update contact in one or more AppData files.

We've been busy building an awesome software center, and we've been adding more and more metadata fields that upstream authors can set. The software center is now being used in Fedora, Opensuse, Ubuntu, Debian and Arch, with many millions of happy users.

The latest feature we want to support is age classifications for games. As your application is listed in the games category we wanted to ask if you could generate some OARS metadata and add it to the 0ad.appdata.xml file. It's really as simple as visiting http://apps-xdgapp.rhcloud.com/oars then answering about 20 questions with multiple choice answers, then pasting the output inside the <component> tag.

Using the <content_rating> tag means we can show your game with an appropriate age rating depending on the country of the end user. If you have any comments about the questions on the OARS page please do let me know.

Of course, you don't have to do a release with these enhancements straight away, and if you have a stable branch it would be a good thing to backport this as well as it does not add translated strings.

When you've changed the file(s) and committed, please email me back and I'll mark your application as completed. If you don't want to hear from me ever again just edit the <update_contact> in the AppData file and change it to somebody else. I'm not planning on emailing more than once every 6 months, so don't worry about me spamming you with even more work to do.



The URL provided doesn't work for me right now but this does: https://odrs.gnome.org/oars .

Let's add this, shall we?

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I suggest this classification:

  <content_rating type="oars-1.0">
    <content_attribute id="violence-cartoon">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="violence-fantasy">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="violence-realistic">intense</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="violence-bloodshed">moderate</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="violence-sexual">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="drugs-alcohol">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="drugs-narcotics">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="drugs-tobacco">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="sex-nudity">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="sex-themes">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="language-profanity">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="language-humor">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="language-discrimination">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="social-chat">intense</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="social-info">intense</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="social-audio">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="social-location">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="social-contacts">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="money-purchasing">none</content_attribute>
    <content_attribute id="money-gambling">none</content_attribute>


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#3734 is done (both the open age ratings system and the keywords for the software center, amongst other improvements), someone should mail that gnome developer.

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Sent the following email to him:


Hello Richard,

We have tried to the best of our ability to implement the suggestions you have offered, and it is available in our latest Alpha: 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses. We are aware that there still are some things to improve, if you want to check out the process or offer some input we track the work done on this issue here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3734
Best regards,
Erik 'Feneur' Johansson
on behalf of
Wildfire Games


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