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Possible useful tools for development and new Latin phrases

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Just wanted to post about a possible useful website I came across that has assets, music, et cetera all under free licenses (some of which might be able to be reused). Hope it can be of some use: http://freegamedev.net/wiki/Main_Page

For the Latin phrases:

The conversion threads about what phrases/civilizations seem somewhat convoluted and an updated sticky thread somewhere would be very useful.

I thought some of the following phrases would give the game a little more liveliness. I speak classical Latin and can provide voice for them if needed and of course please feel free to have the current voice actors do them. It would be fun to port some sayings to other civilizations if anyone feels up to the challenge.

Nihil agere delectet - It is pleasant to do nothing - (thought it was be fun to have idle villagers say this in a somewhat slow, lazy tone)

Nihil me terret - Nothing terrifies me - (for champion or hero units)

Fas est ab hoste doceri - It is right to be taught by one's enemy - (said at the end if you lose a game)

Cineri gloria sera venit - Fame comes too late to the dead - (for civilian units that have leveled up all the way or any other uses)

Vendidit hic auro patriam - The man has sold his country for gold - (for mercenary units/buildings)

Ipsa scientia potestas est - Knowledge itself is power - (for libraries/knowledge centers)

Medici graviores morbes asperis remediis curant - Doctors cure the more serious diseases with harsh remedies - (for priests)

Omnes una manet nox - A single night awaits everyone - (for champion units)

Non omne quod licet honestum est - Not everything that is permitted is honorable - (I thought this would be hilarious if we ever got the option to launch diseased livestock from catapults/trebuchets)

Qui omnes insidias timet in nullas incidit - He who fears every ambush falls into none - (activated when units are in certain formations)

Qui vult dare parva non debet magna rogare - He who wishes to give little shouldn't ask for much - (for traders)

Ubi fumus, ibi ignis - Where there's smoke, there's fire - (for siege engines such as flaming bolt throwers)

Numquam periculum sine periculo vincemus - We shall never conquer danger without danger - (for battering rams)

Ratio me ducet, non fortuna - Reason will lead me, not fortune - (for certain hero units)

Officium meum faciam - I will do my duty - (for champion units)

Sequere pecuniam - Follow the money - (for traders)

Non caret is qui non desiderat - He does not lack who does not desire - (for priests)

Dulce bellum inexpertis - War is sweet for those who are inexperienced in it - (for champion units)

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem - Remember to keep a level head in difficult times - (for a hero unit)

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori sed dulcius pro patria vivere - It is sweet and glorious to die for one's country, but it is sweeter to live for one's country - (for champion unit/hero unit)

Nullus tyrannus superare populum Romanum poterit - No tyrant will be able to overcome the Roman people - (for a hero unit)

Libri antiqui verba sapientiae saepe continent - Ancient books often contain words of wisdom - (for a library type structure/wonder)

If someone cares to translate the following to Greek (my Greek isn't good enough to translate it accurately), I think it would be most suiting for Themistocles; "Because of the storm, I expected death".

For those who want to see it in Latin, "Propter tempestatem mortem exspectavi"

Some easter eggs:

For flaming units/siege engines - Solus protestis prohibere ignes silvarum - Only you can prevent forest fires

For battering rams - Potius sero quam numquam - Better late than never

For catapults: - @#$% catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscripti catapultas habebunt - When catapults are outlawed, then only outlaws will have catapults

Forma linguae Latinae a multis laudatur - The beauty of the Latin language is praised by many

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Those phrases look really nice! They have a lot of historical flavor, so it's great. However, the unit phrases have to be short, because they will be cut each time you give a new order.

Some of your phrases would be awesome in the game loading screen, along with other quotes! What do you think?

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Some are a little long but I found myself issuing orders to units again and again to figure out what they said. In my opinion, if the phrase is cut short it doesn't really matter and the people who want to know what the unit is saying will issue it again until they can clearly understand it. Also, only the players who speak the language of the civilization they are playing will be able to decipher it anyway without having to look it up (hence they could be speaking complete gibberish and it wouldn't matter if you can't understand it to begin with).

As for the quotes, I've posted them in a free/open source game forum so anyone who wants to please feel free to do literally whatever with them. Feel free to use them any way you want in 0AD or another game.

I'm not sure how you would implement the phrases into loading screens since the quotes of the day in-game are in English (unless you mean just use the English portion). But as I said, feel free to use them in whatever capacity desired.

I used to play Age of Empires when I was younger and downloaded 0AD Alpha 19 as a gift for my uncle and father this Christmas who also played quite a lot. I can't program very well, nor am I that adept at graphic design, so I wanted to contribute back in a way I felt that could possibly be useful. Lastly, whoever did the designs for the shields in the center that brings up the structure tree, I find them absolutely incredible! Excellent work and of course thank you all of the other developers/contributors who have spent countless unpaid hours making an amazing game!

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Hi there! Is there a list of all phrases used in the game? It would be nice to offer a way for players to understand what is being said... I mean, at least to "google" the greek-latin motto and then get a proper translation! Do you think subtitles (not translating, but actually a written version of what is being said) are a good idea?

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