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===[COMMITTED]=== A couple of building issues needing a fix

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As reported on ticket #2630, some building decorative textures flicker when they are overlapped on the same plane of the main texture. See for example this decorative texture on Ptolemaic CC:


A couple of carpet texture in Persian CC were fixed in r15700. A third carpet still needs a fix (see here).

The Ptolemaic CC decorative textures should also be fixed (probably all textures should be checked).



A second issue, already discussed in ticket #2876, is the unique aspect of this variant of the Celt tower:


While the other variant and all other civ tower are closed and don't show an unit in it, this tower has a room on the top, that make it behave differently. r15876 only show the unit when a unit is garrisoned. However this is not optimal because the unit is always the same man citizen, even if a woman is inside. Also this is not fair since it could give the adversary an added information only available on this variant of the Celt tower. In the end it's not consistent with the other tower.

I think the best approach here is to modify the variant closing the empty room on the top, this way it will be consistent with all other towers. A quicker fix would just to leave the room always empty even when garrisoned units are inside, or just remove this tower variant.

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I sent an e-mail to Enrique, Lordgood and Pureon, telling them about all the tickets :)

I know you guys are not checking often Trac so I thought it would help you if I linked you to the tickets that need attention.

  1. This one is for the menu, currently we have only one background but we have a lot of artworks that could work as ones :

This one is about the Pers CC, it's a recurrent one with carpet flickering. Pureon did move some but apparently it's still there:


This one can be closed now that we have the rotary mill, thanks to Enrique and myself :


This one requires a design decision, or a beautiful Lordgood tower remake. (Keep in mind gauls were not supposed to have towers) I submitted some patches to fix it (Make it both garrison holders, or none) :


This one is a long term one but I added some files that can be deleted :


Brian suggested a way to improve ships. Since it's a very long simple work, it could be added to beginners tasks. I put it here so you know about it :


These tasks are finitions it's about helmets, You can review them in the official art task thread I think, I made the list, so we can close them, or I can improve my helmets.


Enrique could you please review my last archer anim, someone told me it was way better but I wanted your advices. I plan to make it a bit longer to add little pauses, and to make it like it is hard to bend the bow.

Thanks for reading. I know I'm not in the team but I thought that could help you guys. If I can do anything more (Close/Open Tickets, work on specific tasks, tell me).

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Cannot reproduce the flickering on either pers nor ptol CCs. Also tried zooming out further out in atlas without getting flickering.

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